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  1. 2019
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    MOSAIC Study Grp, ATHENA Observational HIV Cohort, Newsum, A. M., Kooij, K. W., Boyd, A., Smit, C., ... Schutten, M. (2019). Progression of liver fibrosis following acute hepatitis C virus infection in HIV-positive MSM. Aids, 33(5), 833-844.
  5. Published
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  6. Published
    COMBAT Consortium, van Hattem, J. M., Arcilla, M. S., Schultsz, C., Bootsma, M. C., Verhaar, N., ... Verbrugh, H. A. (2019). Carriage of Blastocystis spp. in travellers - A prospective longitudinal study. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, 27, 87-91.
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  8. 2018
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  13. 2017
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    Muilwijk, E. W., Dekkers, B. G. J., Henriet, S. S. V., Verweij, P. E., Witjes, B., Lashof, A. M. L. O., ... Bruggemann, R. J. M. (2017). Flucloxacillin Results in Suboptimal Plasma Voriconazole Concentrations. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 61(9), [e00915-17].
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  17. 2016
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    van Hattem, J. M., Arcilla, M. S., Bootsma, M. C. J., van Genderen, P. J., Goorhuis, A., Grobusch, M. P., ... Penders, J. (2016). Prolonged carriage and potential onward transmission of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Dutch travelers. Future Microbiology, 11(7), 857-864.
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    Lestrade, P. P. A., Meis, J. F., Arends, J. P., van der Beek, M. T., de Brauwer, E., van Dijk, K., ... Verweij, P. E. (2016). Diagnosis and management of aspergillosis in the Netherlands: a national survey. Mycoses, 59(2), 101-107.
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  25. 2015
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    Gras, L., de Wolf, F., Smit, C., Prins, M., van der Meer, J. T. M., Vanhommerig, J. W., ... Geskus, R. B. (2015). Changes in HIV RNA and CD4 Cell Count After Acute HCV Infection in Chronically HIV-Infected Individuals. Jaids-journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 68(5), 536-542.
  31. Published
    Schoffelen, A. F., Smit, C., van Lelyveld, S. F. L., Vogt, L., Bauer, M. P., Reiss, P., ... Barth, R. E. (2015). Diminished Impact of Ethnicity as a Risk Factor for Chronic Kidney Disease in the Current HIV Treatment Era. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 212(2), 264-274.
  32. Published
    Rokx, C., Fibriani, A., van de Vijver, D. A. M. C., Verbon, A., Schutten, M., Gras, L., ... AIDS Therapy Evaluation in the Netherlands (ATHENA) National Observational Cohort, T. (2015). Increased Virological Failure in Naive HIV-1-Infected Patients Taking Lamivudine Compared With Emtricitabine in Combination with Tenofovir and Efavirenz or Nevirapine in the Dutch Nationwide ATHENA cohort. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 60(1), 143-153.
  33. Published
    Zhang, S., van Sighem, A., Kesselring, A., Gras, L., Prins, J. M., Hassink, E., ... Reiss, P. (2015). Risk of non-AIDS-defining events among HIV-infected patients not yet on antiretroviral therapy. HIV Medicine, 16(5), 265-272.
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  36. 2014
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    Smith, C. J., Ryom, L., Weber, R., Morlat, P., Pradier, C., Reiss, P., ... Lundgren, J. D. (2014). Trends in underlying causes of death in people with HIV from 1999 to 2011 (D:A:D): a multicohort collaboration. Lancet, 384(9939), 241-248.
  39. 2013
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  43. 2012
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  49. 2011
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    Oude Lashof, A., Rothova, A., Sobel, J. D., Ruhnke, M., Pappas, P. G., Viscoli, C., ... Kullberg, B. J. (2011). Ocular manifestations of candidemia. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 53(3), 262-268.
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