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  1. 2018
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    Kamperman Sanders, A., Moerland, A., & Heath, C. (Eds.) (2018). Intellectual Property Rights as Obstacles to Legitimate Trade? (IEEM Series on International Intellectual Property Law; Vol. 9). Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer International.
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  5. Published
    Moerland, A. (2018). Governance Systems of Geographical Indications: An Example of Institutions Enabling Trust and Cooperation among Producers. In D. Prévost, I. Alexovicova, & J. Hillebrand Pohl (Eds.), Restoring Trust in Trade: Liber Amicorum In Honour of Peter Van den Bossche (1 ed., pp. 67-84). London: Hart Publishing.
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  7. Published
    Moerland, A. (2018). The Registration of Descriptive Terms in International Trade. In A. Kamperman Sanders, C. Heath, & A. Moerland (Eds.), Intellectual Property Rights as Obstacles to Legitimate Trade? (pp. 77-105). (IEEM International Intellectual Property Series; Vol. 9). Alphen a/d Rijn: Kluwer Law International.
  8. 2017
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  11. 2013
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  15. 2010
  16. Published
    Moerland, A. (2010). Global Proliferation of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: A Threat for the World Trade Organization and/or for Developing Countries. In J. Hertwig, S. Maus, A. Meyer zu Schabedisser, & A. et (Eds.), Global Risks: Constructing World Order through Law, Politics and Economics (pp. 39-66). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.
  17. 2008
  18. Published
    Moerland, A. (2008). Trade Meets Cultural Diversity: The Legal Relationship between WTO Rules and the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. In P. V. D. Bossche, & H. Schneider (Eds.), Protection of Cultural Diversity from a European and International Perspective (pp. 15-68). Antwerp: Intersentia.