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  1. 2019
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    Muller, W. (2019). Subsistence, poverty alleviation and right to development: between discourse and practice. In S. Biddulph, & J. Rosenzweig (Eds.), Handbook on Human Rights in China (pp. 120-142). (Handbooks of Research on Contemporary China series). Edward Elgar Publishing.
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    Mulder, C., Blokhuis, N., Duhayon, N., Surdej, I., & Pollard, P. (2019). EQE Training Courses in Maastricht (2019). epi-Information, 2019(2), 36-37.
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    Faure, M., & Peeters, M. (2019). Liability and climate change. In H. von Storch (Ed.), Climate Science (pp. 1-30). (Oxford Research Encyclopedias). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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    Westendorp, I. (2019). Radhika Coomaraswamy: Standing Up for the Oppressed and Neglected. In K. McCall-Smith, J. Wouters, & F. Gómez Isa (Eds.), The Faces of Human Rights (pp. 291-300). Oxford: Hart Publihsing.
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    Coomans, F., Dietvorst, R., ten Hoopen, R., & Klosse, S. (2019). Recht op gezondheid van het kind. In M. Jansen, K. Burhenne, M. Willebroordse, & O. van Schayck (Eds.), De gezonde basisschool van de toekomst. Van leer- naar leefschool (pp. 55-60). Maastricht: Provincie Limburg.
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    Mulder, C. (2019). The Cross‐Referenced Patent Cooperation Treaty. (17 ed.) Eindhoven: Helze BV Publisher.
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    Peeters, M., & Müller, M. (2019). Private control of public regulation: A smart mix? The case of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in the EU. In J. van Erp, M. Faure, A. Nollkaemper, & N. Philipsen (Eds.), Smart mixes for transboundary environmental governance (pp. 259-284). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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    Naina, N. (2019). Patent Quality in the European Pharmaceutical Industry. 8. Poster session presented at Mid-Term Review Meeting of EIPIN-Innovation Society with the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
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    Mulder, C., & Blokhuis, N. (2019). Tactics for D: A methodology for EQE Paper D. (4 ed.) Eindhoven: Helze BV Publisher.
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    Fromage, D., & Ibrido, R. (2019). Accountability and Democratic Oversight in the European Banking Union. In G. Lo Schiavo (Ed.), The European Banking Union and the Role of Law (pp. 66-86). (Elgar Financial Law). Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  30. Published
    Yabasun, D., Reslow, N., & Tans, R. (2019). Baseline report on the integration of beneficiaries of international protection in the Netherlands. (National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) report 2018). Maastricht: National Integration Evaluation Mechanism.
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    Reslow, N. (2019). Do good neighbours make good fences? Migration in the Trans-European space. In S. Giusti, & I. Mirkina (Eds.), The EU in a Trans-European space: External relations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East (pp. 219-238). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
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    Athanasiadou, N. (2019). Facilitating the participation of EU citizens in the Brexit negotiation process. In T. Christiansen, & D. Fromage (Eds.), Brexit and democracy : The role of parliaments in the UK and the European Union (pp. 293-320). (European Administrative Governance). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
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    Peeters, M. (2019). Over vele waakhonden voor een veilige leefomgeving. In Een kritische waakond voor de veiligheid? (pp. 161-169). Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Balans.
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    Fromage, D., & van den Brink, A. (Eds.) (2019). Parliaments in EU Economic Governance: Powers, Potential and Practice. London: Routlegde.
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