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    Swol, J., Belohlavek, J., Brodie, D., Bellezzo, J., Weingart, S. D., Shinar, Z., ... Conrad, S. A. (2018). Extracorporeal life support in the emergency department: A narrative review for the emergency physician. Resuscitation, 133, 108-117.
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    Di Nardo, M., Vercaemst, L., Swol, J., Barret, N., Taccone, F. S., Malfertheiner, M. V., ... Belliato, M. (2018). A narrative review of the technical standards for extracorporeal life support devices (pumps and oxygenators) in Europe. Perfusion, 33(7), 553-561.
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    Capatos, G., Burke, C. R., Ogino, M. T., Lorusso, R. R., Brogan, T. V., McMullan, D. M., & Dalton, H. J. (2018). Venovenous extracorporeal life support in patients with HIV infection and Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia. Perfusion, 33(6), 433-437.
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    ELSO, Swol, J., Brodie, D., Napolitano, L., Park, P. K., Thiagarajan, R., ... Zonies, D. (2018). Indications and outcomes of extracorporeal life support in trauma patients. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 84(6), 831-837.
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    Int ECMO Network ECMONet; Extracorporeal Life Support Org EL, Abrams, D., Garan, A. R., Abdelbary, A., Bacchetta, M., Bartlett, R. H., ... Brodie, D. (2018). Position paper for the organization of ECMO programs for cardiac failure in adults. Intensive Care Medicine, 44(6), 717-729.
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  24. 2017
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    Lorusso, R., Taccone, F. S., Beliato, M., Delnoij, T., Zanatta, P., Cvetkovic, M., ... Euro-ELSO Working Grp Neurologic M (2017). Brain monitoring in adult and pediatric ECMO patients: the importance of early and late assessments. Minerva Anestesiologica, 83(10), 1061-1074.
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    Brodie, D., Curtis, J. R., Vincent, J-L., Bakker, J., Brown, C. E., Creteur, J., ... Ranieri, V. M. (2017). Treatment limitations in the era of ECMO. The Lancet Respiratory medicine, 5(10), 769-770.
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    Taccone, F. S., Malfertheiner, M. V., Ferari, F., Di Nardo, M., Swol, J., Broman, L. M., ... EuroELSO Workgrp (2017). Extracorporeal CO2 removal in critically ill patients: a systematic review. Minerva Anestesiologica, 83(7), 762-772.
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    Lorusso, R., Belliato, M., Weerwind, P., Gelsomino, S., & Maessen, J. (2017). Adult Cardiovascular Defects, Diseases and Procedures that Predispone to ECLS. In Extracorporeal Life Support: The ELSO Red Book (Vol. 5). Extracorporeal Life Support Organization.
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    Brogan, T. V., Lequier, L., Lorusso, R., MacLaren, G., & Peek, G. (2017). Extracorporeal Life Support: The ELSO Red Book. (1 ed.) Extracorporeal Life Support Organization.
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    Fortenberry, J. D., & Lorusso, R. (2017). The history and Development of Extracorporeal Support. In Extracorporeal life support: the ELSO Red Book (Vol. 5). Extracorporeal Life Support Organization.
  44. Published
    Pappalardo, F., Montisci, A., Scandroglio, A., Belliato, M., Malfertheiner, M., Broman, M., ... Di Nardo, M. (2017). Veno-Venous ECMO in Europe: are we all speaking the same language? Minerva Anestesiologica, 83(4), 424-425.
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  49. 2016
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    Cuminetti, G., Regazzoni, V., Vizzardi, E., Bonadei, I., de Jong, M. M. J., Lorusso, R., ... Metra, M. (2016). Cardiac ANCA-associated vasculitis mimicking an acute coronary syndrome. International Journal of Cardiology, 214, 200-201.
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