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    Somsen, G. J. (2012). "Holland's Calling": Dutch Scientists' Self-fashioning as International Mediators. In R. Lettevall, G. J. Somsen, & S. Widmalm (Eds.), Neutrality in Twentieth-Century Europe. Intersections of Science, Culture, and Politics after the First World War (pp. 45-64). (Routledge Studies in Cultural History; No. 18). New York and London: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.
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    Somsen, G. J. (2008). 'A small people but a Great Nation'. Scientific Prestige and International Mediation in the Netherlands. In M. de Keizer, & I. Tames (Eds.), Small Nations. Crisis and Confrontation in the 20th Century (pp. 47-63). (NIOD Yearbook; No. 19). Zutphen: Walburg Pers.
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    Somsen, G. J. (2014). Albert Einstein: Relativiteit in de Oorlog der Geleerden. In F. Boterman, A. Labrie, & W. Melching (Eds.), Na de Catastrofe. De Eerste Wereldoorlog en de Zoektocht naar een Nieuw Europa (pp. 186-198). Amsterdam: Nieuw Amsterdam.
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    Somsen, G. J. (2000). Colloid Chemistry. In A. Hessenbruch (Ed.), Reader's Guide to the History of Science (pp. 142-143). London [etc.]: Fitzroy Dearborn.
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