Migrants' access to social protection in Belgium

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Access to social benefits in Belgium is not conditional upon nationality but rather on periods of insurance to the Belgian social security system. Despite the lack of nationality conditions, a number of social benefits are made conditional upon residence of the beneficiary in Belgium. Consequently, even though the Belgian social security system appears, at first sight, as neutral regarding the migration trajectory of its beneficiaries, it might be more difficult for migrants to access, retain and export social security benefits from Belgium when compared to resident nationals. This chapter thus compares the conditions of access to social benefits for nationals and non-nationals residing in Belgium, as well as Belgian citizens residing abroad. It aims to analyse whether migration decisions impact access to and retention of social security benefits. More particularly, the analysis focuses on access to unemployment benefits, healthcare, old-age pensions, family benefits and guaranteed minimum income. Finally, this chapter also questions whether access to social benefits might have a consequence for the residence status of non-nationals in Belgium.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMigration and social protection in Europe and beyond: comparing access to welfare entitlements
EditorsJean-Michel Lafleur, Daniela Vintila
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PublisherSpringer International Publishing
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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