Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience: The Psychology Student as Researcher

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The diverse nature of the research carried out at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) in itself warrants the implementation of tailor-made undergraduate research. Moreover, students are more likely to harness their creativity and curiosity in a project that fits their specific research interests. This chapter outlines and assesses the implementation and outcomes of a tailor-made Maastricht Research-Based Learning (MaRBLe) programme that is part of the FPN bachelor’s curriculum. The MaRBLe programme has played a pivotal role in strengthening the links between teaching and research in our department. Experimental research in psychology, with its clear empirical cycle, appears to lend itself excellently to an academic research-based learning approach. The involvement of undergraduate students in the local research community has yielded many benefits, not only with respect to the overall quality of education in the bachelor’s curriculum but also with regard to the students and staff involved. Original ideas proposed by students have inspired several new lines of research. Many active researchers have become involved in teaching undergraduates for the first time and have been able to share their passion for research. Student research provides a natural vehicle for the cultivation of both academic and professional skills. Training in research methods, statistics, and other skills no longer only occurs in isolation.
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