Diaspora Engagement in Development: An Analysis of the Engagement of the Tunisian Diaspora in Germany and the Potentials for Cooperation

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By using a mixed method approach, primarily desk research and qualitative interviews, this explorative study found that the spirit of the “Arab Spring” not only influenced Tunisian society in the country of origin but also Tunisians living abroad. There is a new consciousness especially among the younger generation, with a stronger sense of belonging and connectedness to Tunisia. While historically, a major focus of the Tunisian diaspora in Germany has been on promoting integration, the revolution has spurred to action many Tunisians and shifted the focus towards developmental activities in Tunisia. Consequently there is now a willingness and motivation among the diaspora to contribute to development efforts and to shape Tunisia’s future. By outlining the new consciousness and the new institutional landscape of the Tunisian diaspora in Germany, this study is one of the first to analyse diaspora engagement in the context of the Arab
Spring. Moreover it tries to identify how German Development Cooperation could capitalise on the movement created by the revolution to support diaspora development activities in Tunisia.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages53
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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