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A compound or a combination of compounds for crystallization of poly-hydroxy-alkanoate (PHA), poly-lactic acid (PLA) or combinations thereof, wherein each of the compounds has a core motif with two oxalamide motifs, flanked by two arms, wherein the core motif has the formula: R-NH-C(O)-C(O)-NH-(CH2)n-NH-C(O)-C(O)-NH-R', wherein n ranges from 1 to 10 and the arms R and R' are each independently chosen from: (i) H; (ii) an alkyl group with a total number of carbon atoms between 1 and 20; (iii) an aromatic ring; or (iv) an ester group, for example -X-Ester-Y, or -X-Ester-X-Ester-Y, wherein X is a saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, Y is chosen from H, an alkyl group with a total number of carbon atoms ranging from 1 and 20 or an aromatic ring. Also described are processes for the crystallization of poly-hydroxy-alkanoate, poly-lactic acid, or combinations thereof.

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Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS2015018467
IPCC08K 5/ 20 A I
Priority date11/02/13
Publication statusPublished - 15 Jan 2015