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I can't get no sleep—The differential impact of entrepreneurial stressors on work-home interference and insomnia among experienced versus novice entrepreneurs

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When founding and managing a new business, entrepreneurs are frequently confronted with stressors hampering their daily work. The present study examines how these entrepreneurial stressors affect two important interrelated indicators of entrepreneurs' recovery and wellbeing—that is, their ability to detach from work during non-work times (work-home interference) and their sleep (insomnia). We introduce prior entrepreneurial experience as an important
moderator to these relationships, arguing that due to their different learning and coping experiences and their different interpretations of the entrepreneurial role, experienced versus novice entrepreneurs would react differently to entrepreneurial stressors. In an empirical study with 122 entrepreneurs, we found that among experienced entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial stressors primarily had a direct sleep-impairing effect. Among novice entrepreneurs, the same stressors primarily initiated an indirect effect by leading to increased work-home interference and consequently also increased insomnia. Overall, thus, our study shows that both novice and experienced entrepreneurs suffer from insomnia when encountering entrepreneurial stressors—however, the underlying mechanisms differ. Implications are discussed in terms of both theory and practice.

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  • stressors, entrepreneurial experience, recovery, insomnia, work-home interference, SELF-EFFICACY, OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITION, DEMANDS-RESOURCES MODEL, SMARTPHONE USE, Recovery, PSYCHOLOGICAL DETACHMENT, Insomnia, JOB-PERFORMANCE, Entrepreneurial experience, MINDFULNESS, RECOVERY EXPERIENCES, Work-home interference, Stressors, COPING STRATEGIES, MODERATING ROLE
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Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)692-708
Number of pages17
JournalJournal of Business Venturing
Issue number4
Early online date2018
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2019