Neumann, U.P.

Full professor - Key domain chair

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    Kroh, A., Eickhoff, R. M., Heise, D., Alizai, P. H., Rheinwalt, K. P., Neumann, U. P., & Ulmer, F. T. (2018). A New Physiologic Mouse Model of One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass. European Surgical Research, 59(5-6), 320-328.
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    Pombeiro, I., Loosen, S. H., Roy, S., Schueller, F., Niewenhuisen, L., Luedde, M., ... Roderburg, C. (2018). Differential Roles of Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Members as Biomarkers in Pancreatic Cancer. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 7(7), [175].
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    Eickhoff, R. M., Kroh, A., Ruebsamen, K., Heise, D., Binneboesel, M., Klinge, U., ... Klink, C. D. (2018). AK03, a new recombinant fibrinogenase prevents abdominal adhesions in a rat model without systemic side effects. Journal of Surgical Research, 222, 85-92.
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  26. 2017
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    Loosen, S. H., Roderburg, C., Kauertz, K. L., Pombeiro, I., Leyh, C., Benz, F., ... Luedde, T. (2017). Elevated levels of circulating osteopontin are associated with a poor survival after resection of cholangiocarcinoma. Journal of Hepatology, 67(4), 749-757.
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  34. Published
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    Loosen, S. H., Neumann, U. P., Trautwein, C., Roderburg, C., & Luedde, T. (2017). Current and future biomarkers for pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Tumor Biology, 39(6), 1-11. [692231].
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    Lambertz, A., Stueben, B. O., Bock, B., Eickhoff, R., Kroh, A., Klink, C. D., ... Krones, C. J. (2017). Port-site incisional hernia - A case series of 54 patients. Annals of Medicine and Surgery, 14, 8-11.
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    Ulmer, T. F., de Jong, C., Andert, A., Bruners, P., Heidenhain, C. M., Schoening, W., ... Neumann, U. P. (2017). ALPPS Procedure in Insufficient Hypertrophy After Portal Vein Embolization (PVE). World Journal of Surgery, 41(1), 250-257.
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    Ulmer, T. F., Fragoulis, A., Dohmeier, H., Kroh, A., Andert, A., Stoppe, C., ... Neumann, U. P. (2017). Argon Delays Initiation of Liver Regeneration after Partial Hepatectomy in Rats. European Surgical Research, 58(5-6), 204-215.
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