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    Thoelen, R., Vansweevelt, R., Duchateau, J., Horemans, F., D'Haen, J., Lutsen, L., ... Wagner, P. (2008). A MIP-based impedimetric sensor for the detection of low-MW molecules. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 23(6), 913-918.
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    Van Mierloo, S., Adriaensens, P. J., Maes, W., Lutsen, L., Cleij, T. J., Botek, E., ... Vanderzande, D. J. M. (2010). A Three-Step Synthetic Approach to Asymmetrically Functionalized 4H-Cyclopenta[2,1-b:3,4-b ']dithiophenes. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 75(21), 7202-7209.
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    Oosterbaan, W. D., Bolsee, J-C., Gadisa, A., Vrindts, V., Bertho, S., D'Haen, J., ... Vanderzande, D. (2010). Alkyl-Chain-Length-Independent Hole Mobility via Morphological Control with Poly(3-alkylthiophene) Nanofibers. Advanced Functional Materials, 20(5), 792-802.
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    Dilien, H., Vandenbergh, J., Banishoeb, F., Adriaensens, P., Cleij, T. J., Lutsen, L., & Vanderzande, D. J. M. (2011). An Efficient Acid-Induced Conversion of Dithiocarbamate Precursor Polymers into Conjugated Materials. Macromolecules, 44(4), 711-718.
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    Campo, B. J., Duchateau, J., Ganivet, C. R., Ballesteros, B., Gilot, J., Wienk, M. M., ... Torres, T. (2011). Broadening the absorption of conjugated polymers by "click" functionalization with phthalocyanines. Dalton Transactions, 40(15), 3979-3988.
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    Lenes, M., Kooistra, F. B., Hummelen, J. C., Van Severen, I., Lutsen, L., Vanderzande, D., ... Blom, P. W. M. (2008). Charge dissociation in polymer:fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells with enhanced permittivity. Journal of Applied Physics, 104(11).
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    Oosterhout, S. D., Koster, L. J. A., van Bavel, S. S., Loos, J., Stenzel, O., Thiedmann, R., ... Janssen, R. A. J. (2011). Controlling the Morphology and Efficiency of Hybrid ZnO:Polythiophene Solar Cells Via Side Chain Functionalization. Advanced Energy Materials, 1(1), 90-96.
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    Bertho, S., Oosterbaan, W. D., Vrindts, V., D'Haen, J., Cleij, T. J., Lutsen, L., ... Vanderzande, D. (2009). Controlling the morphology of nanofiber-P3HT:PCBM blends for organic bulk heterojunction solar cells. Organic Electronics, 10(7), 1248-1251.
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    Palmaerts, A., Lutsen, L., Cleij, T. J., Vanderzande, D., Pivrikas, A., Neugebauer, H., & Sariciftci, N. S. (2009). Development of novel processable electron accepting conjugated polymers containing fluoranthene units in the main chain. Polymer, 50(21), 5007-5015.
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    Cosemans, I., Hontis, L., Van Den Berghe, D., Palmaerts, A., Wouters, J., Cleij, T. J., ... Vanderzande, D. J. M. (2011). Discovery of an Anionic Polymerization Mechanism for High Molecular Weight PPV Derivatives via the Sulfinyl Precursor Route. Macromolecules, 44(19), 7610-7616.
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    Kazukauskas, V., Pranaitis, M., Sentein, C., Rocha, L., Raimond, P., Duyssens, I., ... Vanderzande, D. (2008). Effect of the controllable molecular ordering in a new polymer on carrier transport and photovoltaic properties. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 484, 728-738.
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    Kazukauskas, V., Cyras, V., Pranaitis, M., Sentein, C., Rocha, L., Raimond, P., ... Vanderzande, D. (2008). Improvement of photovoltaic efficiency by polar molecule orientation in a newly developed semiconducting polymer. Thin Solid Films, 516(24), 8963-8968.
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