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    Lagendijk, I., de Rijke, M., & Wyatt, S. (2018). Foreword programme coordinators. In The challenges of a digital society : A shared response by the Dutch universities VSNU.
  11. Published
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  12. Published
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  13. 2017
  14. Published
    Supper, A., & Wyatt, S. (2017). Dam builders: the game of SCOT. In H. van Lente, T. Swierstra, S. Wyatt, & R. Zeiss (Eds.), Wegwijs in STS - Knowing your way in STS (pp. 81-88). Maastricht: Datawyse.
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  21. 2016
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  25. Published
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  26. Published
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  27. Published
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  28. 2015
  29. Published
    Akdag Salah, A., Scharnhorst, A., & Wyatt, S. (2015). Analysing an Academic Field through the Lenses of Internet Science: Digital Humanities as a Virtual Community. In T. Tiropanis, A. Vakali, L. Sartori, & P. Burnap (Eds.), Internet Science: Second International Conference, INSCI 2015, Brussels, Belgium, May 27-29, 2015, Proceedings (pp. 78-89). Dordrecht: Springer.
  30. Published
    Meroño Peñuela, A., Ashkpour, A., Scharnhorst, A., Guéret, C., & Wyatt, S. (2015). CEDAR, Linked Open Census Data. DHCommons, 1(1).
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  33. 2014
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    Wessels, B., Finn, R., Linde, P., Mazzetti, P., Nativi, S., Riley, S., ... Wyatt, S. (2014). Issues in the development of open access to research data. Prometheus, 32(1), 49-66.
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  38. 2013
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    Marktanner, A., & Wyatt, S. (2013). El Partido Pirata: Jugueteando con la Red Para Mejorar la Democracia. In Gomez Rodriguez, A., & Fco Canales Serrano, A. (Eds.), Políticas Y Desarrollo Científico en el Siglo XX (pp. 257-277). Madrid: Plaza Valdés Editores.
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    Wouters, P., Beaulieu, A., Scharnhorst, A., & Wyatt, S. (2013). Virtual Knowledge, Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
  45. 2012
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    Wyatt, S. (2012). Ethics of e-Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. In D. Heider, & A. Massanari (Eds.), Digital Ethics, Research and Practice (pp. 5-20). New York: Peter Lang.
  48. 2011
  49. Published
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  50. Published
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  51. Published
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  53. Published
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  54. Published
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  56. 2010
  57. Published
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  58. Published
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  60. Published
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