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  1. 2016
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    Crijnen, Y. S., Nouwens, F., de Lau, L. M. L., Visch-Brink, E. G., van de Sandt-Koenderman, M. W. M. E., Berkhemer, O. A., ... Dippel, D. W. J. (2016). Early effect of intra-arterial treatment in ischemic stroke on aphasia recovery in MR CLEAN. Neurology, 86(22), 2049-2055.
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    Santos, E. M. M., Marquering, H. A., den Blanken, M. D., Berkhemer, O. A., Boers, A. M. M., Yoo, A. J., ... Majoie, C. B. (2016). Thrombus Permeability Is Associated With Improved Functional Outcome and Recanalization in Patients With Ischemic Stroke. Stroke, 47(3), 732-741.
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  16. Published
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  18. 2015
  19. Published
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    van den Berg, L. A., Koelman, D. L. H., Berkhemer, O. A., Rozeman, A. D., Fransen, P. S. S., Beumer, D., ... Roos, Y. B. W. E. M. (2015). Type of Anesthesia and Differences in Clinical Outcome After Intra-Arterial Treatment for Ischemic Stroke. Stroke, 46(5), 1257-1262.
  28. Published
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  30. Published
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  31. Published
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  32. 2014
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  43. 2013
  44. Published
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