Möckel, R.

Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

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  1. 2018
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  4. 2017
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    Hermans, J. R., Spanakis, G., & Möckel, R. (2017). Accumulated Gradient Normalization. In M-L. Zhang, & Y-K. Noh (Eds.), Proceedings of the 9th Asian Conference on Machine Learning (Vol. 77, pp. 439-454). (Proceedings of Machine Learning Research). Proceedings of Machine Learning Research.
  6. Published
    Sorger, B., Tumanov, K., Benitez Andonegui, A., Lührs, M., Boeijkens, H., Weiss, G., ... Möckel, R. (2017). An fNIRS-based brain-machine interface for remote robot control. Paper presented at Real-Time Functional Imaging and Neurofeedback Conference, Nara, Japan.
  7. Published
    Franz, F., Paredis, J., & Möckel, R. (2017). On the Combination of Coevolution and Novelty Search. In IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (pp. 201-208). IEEE.
  8. 2016
  9. Published
    Sharbafi, M. A., Rode, C., Kurowski, S., Scholz, D., Möckel, R., Radkhah, K., ... Seyfarth, A. (2016). A new biarticular actuator design facilitates control of leg function in BioBiped3. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 11(4), [046003].
  10. 2015
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  13. 2014
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    Steiner, A., Moeckel, R., Thurer, R., Floreano, D., Delbruck, T., & Liu, S-C. (2014). 1kHz 2D silicon retina motion sensor platform. In IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) (pp. 41-44)
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  16. Published
    Özgur, A., Bonardi, S., Vespignani, M., Möckel, R., & Ijspeert, A. J. (2014). Natural user interface for Roombots. In Robot and Human Interactive Communication, 2014 RO-MAN: The 23rd IEEE International Symposium on (pp. 12-17)
  17. 2013
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  21. 2010
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