Lambin, P.

Full professor - Key domain chair

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  1. 2015
  2. Published
    Coroller, T. P., Grossmann, P., Hou, Y., Velazquez, E. R., Leijenaar, R. T. H., Hermann, G., ... Aerts, H. J. W. L. (2015). CT-based radiomic signature predicts distant metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 114(3), 345-350.
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    Yao, C. Q., Francis Nguyen, Haider, S., Starmans, M. H. W., Lambin, P., & Boutros, P. C. (2015). The transcriptomic profile of ovarian cancer grading. Cancer Medicine, 4(1), 56-64.
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  18. 2014
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    De Ruyck, K., Duprez, F., Ferdinande, L., Mbah, C., Rios-Velazquez, E., Hoebers, F., ... Thierens, H. (2014). A let-7 microRNA polymorphism in the KRAS 3'-UTR is prognostic in oropharyngeal cancer. Cancer Epidemiology, 38(5), 591-8.
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    Phillips, M., Beatty, J. D., Cataneo, R. N., Huston, J., Kaplan, P. D., Lalisang, R. I., ... Patel, U. (2014). Rapid Point-Of-Care Breath Test for Biomarkers of Breast Cancer and Abnormal Mammograms. PLOS ONE, 9(3), [e90226].
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    Hoeben, B. A. W., Starmans, M. H. W., Leijenaar, R. T. H., Dubois, L. J., van der Kogel, A. J., Kaanders, J. H. A. M., ... Bussink, J. (2014). Systematic analysis of F-18-FDG PET and metabolism, proliferation and hypoxia markers for classification of head and neck tumors. BMC Cancer, 14, [130].
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  40. Published
    Marsch, E., Theelen, T. L., Demandt, J. A., Jeurissen, M., van Gink, M., Verjans, R., ... Sluimer, J. C. (2014). Reversal of hypoxia in murine atherosclerosis prevents necrotic core expansion by enhancing efferocytosis. Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, 34(12), 2545-2553.
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  42. Published
    Wink, K. C. J., Roelofs, E., Solberg, T., Lin, L., Simone, C. B., Jakobi, A., ... Troost, E. G. C. (2014). Particle therapy for non-small cell lung tumors: where do we stand? A systematic review of the literature. Frontiers in Oncology, 4, [292].
  43. 2013
  44. Published
    Velazquez, E. R., Parmar, C., Jermoumi, M., Mak, R. H., van Baardwijk, A., Fennessy, F. M., ... Aerts, H. J. W. L. (2013). Volumetric CT-based segmentation of NSCLC using 3D-Slicer. Scientific Reports, 3, [3529].
  45. Published
    Fontanarosa, D., van der Laan, H. P., Witte, M., Shakirin, G., Roelofs, E., Langendijk, J. A., ... van Herk, M. (2013). An in silico comparison between margin-based and probabilistic target-planning approaches in head and neck cancer patients. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 109(3), 430-436.
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    John, T., Starmans, M. H. W., Chen, Y-T., Russell, P. A., Barnett, S. A., White, S. C., ... Cebon, J. S. (2013). The Role of Cancer-Testis Antigens as Predictive and Prognostic Markers in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. PLOS ONE, 8(7), [e67876].