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  1. 2019
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    Med Microbiological Labs Public Hl, Woestenberg, P. J., Bogaards, J. A., King, A. J., Leussink, S., van der Sande, M. A. B., ... van Rooijen, M. (2019). Assessment of herd effects among women and heterosexual men after girls-only HPV16/18 vaccination in the Netherlands: A repeated cross-sectional study. International Journal of Cancer, 144(11), 2718-2727.
  4. 2018
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  7. 2017
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    Woestenberg, P. J., King, A. J., van der Sande, M. A. B., Donken, R., Leussink, S., van der Klis, F. R. M., ... Public Hlth Serv (2017). No evidence for cross-protection of the HPV-16/18 vaccine against HPV-6/11 positivity in female STI clinic visitors. Journal of Infection, 74(4), 393-400.


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