Bouvy, N.D.

Full professor - Personal chair, H/MS

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  1. 2019
  2. Published
    Int CONNsortium Study Grp, Vorselaars, W. M. C. M., van Beek, D-J., Postma, E. L., Spiering, W., Rinkes, I. H. M. B., ... Kruijff, S. (2019). Validation of the Aldosteronoma Resolution Score Within Current Clinical Practice. World Journal of Surgery, 43(10), 2459-2468.
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    Scognamiglio, F., Travan, A., Bussani, R., Borgogna, M., Donati, I., Bosmans, J. W. A. M., ... Marsich, E. (2019). Development of hyaluronan-based membranes for the healing of intestinal surgical wounds: a preliminary study. Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine, 30(6), 1-9. [60].
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  13. 2018
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  17. Published
    van Steensel, S., van den Hill, L. C. L., Schreinemacher, M. H. F., ten Broek, R. P. G., van Goor, H., & Bouvy, N. D. (2018). Adhesion awareness in 2016: An update of the national survey of surgeons. PLOS ONE, 13(8), [0202418].
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  30. Published
    Lambertz, A., van den Hil, L. C. L., Ciritsis, A., Eickhoff, R., Kraemer, N. A., Bouvy, N. D., ... Klink, C. D. (2018). MRI Evaluation of an Elastic TPU Mesh under Pneumoperitoneum in IPOM Position in a Porcine Model. Journal of Investigative Surgery, 31(3), 185-191.
  31. 2017
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  33. Published
    Jonker, F. H. W., Hagemans, J. A. W., Burger, J. W. A., Verhoef, C., Borstlap, W. A. A., Dutch Snapshot Res Grp, ... Tanis, P. J. (2017). The influence of hospital volume on long-term oncological outcome after rectal cancer surgery. International Journal of Colorectal Disease, 32(12), 1741-1747.
  34. Published
    Borstlap, W. A. A., Westerduin, E., Aukema, T. S., Bemelman, W. A., Dutch Snapshot Res Grp, Bouvy, N., & Tanis, P. J. (2017). Anastomotic Leakage and Chronic Presacral Sinus Formation After Low Anterior Resection Results From a Large Cross-sectional Study. Annals of Surgery, 266(5), 870-877.
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  36. Published
    Scognamiglio, F., Blanchy, M., Borgogna, M., Travan, A., Donati, I., Bosmans, J. W. A. M., ... Marsich, E. (2017). Effects of supercritical carbon dioxide sterilization on polysaccharidic membranes for surgical applications. Carbohydrate Polymers, 173, 482-488.
  37. Published
    Vogels, R. R. M., Kaufmann, R., van den Hil, L. C. L., van Steensel, S., Schreinemacher, M. H. F., Lange, J. F., & Bouvy, N. D. (2017). Critical overview of all available animal models for abdominal wall hernia research. Hernia, 21(5), 667-675.
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    Vakalopoulos, K. A., Bosmans, J. W. A. M., van Barneveld, K. W. Y., Vogels, R. R. M., Boersema, G. S. A., Wu, Z., ... Lange, J. F. (2017). Impact of tissue adhesives on the prevention of anastomotic leakage of colonic anastomoses: an in vivo study. International Journal of Colorectal Disease, 32(7), 961-965.
  43. Published
    Borstlap, W. A. A., Deijen, C. L., den Dulk, M., Bonjer, H. J., van de Velde, C. J., Bemelman, W. A., ... Dutch Snapshot Res Grp (2017). Benchmarking recent national practice in rectal cancer treatment with landmark randomized controlled trials. Colorectal Disease, 19(6), O219-O231.
  44. Published
  45. Published
    Bosmans, J. W. A. M., Jongen, A. C. H. M., Birchenough, G. M. H., Nystrom, E. E. L., Gijbels, M. J. J., Derikx, J. P. M., ... Hansson, G. C. (2017). Functional mucous layer and healing of proximal colonic anastomoses in an experimental model. British Journal of Surgery, 104(5), 619-630.
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  51. 2016
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  54. Published
    Scognamiglio, F., Travan, A., Borgogna, M., Donati, I., Marsich, E., Bosmans, J. W. A. M., ... Paoletti, S. (2016). Enhanced bioadhesivity of dopamine-functionalized polysaccharidic membranes for general surgery applications. Acta Biomaterialia, 44, 232-242.
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