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  1. 2019
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    BBMRI Metabolomics Consortium, Onderwater, G. L. J., Ligthart, L., Bot, M., Demirkan, A., Fu, J., ... van den Maagdenberg, A. M. J. M. (2019). Large-scale plasma metabolome analysis reveals alterations in HDL metabolism in migraine. Neurology, 92(16), E1899-E1911.
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  13. 2018
  14. Published
    BIOS Consortium, GLOBAL Meth QTL, Parmar, P., Lowry, E., Cugliari, G., Suderman, M., ... Heijmans, B. T. (2018). Association of maternal prenatal smoking GFI1-locus and cardiometabolic phenotypes in 18,212 adults. EBioMedicine, 38, 206-216.
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  18. Published
    BIOS Consortium, Luijk, R., Wu, H., Ward-Caviness, C. K., Hannon, E., Carnero-Montoro, E., ... Heijmans, B. T. (2018). Autosomal genetic variation is associated with DNA methylation in regions variably escaping X-chromosome inactivation. Nature Communications, 9, [3738].
  19. Published
    BIOS Consortium, Luijk, R., Dekkers, K. F., van Iterson, M., Arindrarto, W., Claringbould, A., ... van Zwet, E. W. (2018). Genome-wide identification of directed gene networks using large-scale population genomics data. Nature Communications, 9, [3097].
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    Yousefi, S., Abbassi-Daloii, T., Kraaijenbrink, T., Vermaat, M., Mei, H., van't Hof, P., ... Franke, L. (2018). A SNP panel for identification of DNA and RNA specimens. BMC Genomics, 19(90), [90].
  24. Published
  25. 2017
  26. Published
  27. Published
    Mandaviya, P. R., Aissi, D., Dekkers, K. F., Joehanes, R., Kasela, S., Vinh Truong, ... BIOS Consortium (2017). Homocysteine levels associate with subtle changes in leukocyte DNA methylation: an epigenome-wide analysis. Epigenomics, 9(11), 1403-1422.
  28. Published
    Mandaviya, P. R., Joehanes, R., Aissi, D., Kuehnel, B., Marioni, R. E., Truong, V., ... Charge Consortium Epigenetics Grp (2017). Genetically defined elevated homocysteine levels do not result in widespread changes of DNA methylation in leukocytes. PLOS ONE, 12(10), [0182472].
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  32. Published
    Bonder, M. J., Luijk, R., Zhernakova, D. V., Moed, M., Deelen, P., Vermaat, M., ... BIOS Consortium (2017). Disease variants alter transcription factor levels and methylation of their binding sites. Nature Genetics, 49(1), 131-138.
  33. Published
    Zhernakova, D. V., Deelen, P., Vermaat, M., van Iterson, M., van Galen, M., Arindrarto, W., ... Franke, L. (2017). Identification of context-dependent expression quantitative trait loci in whole blood. Nature Genetics, 49(1), 139-145.
  34. 2016
  35. Published
  36. Published
    Slieker, R. C., van Iterson, M., Luijk, R., Beekman, M., Zhernakova, D. V., Moed, M. H., ... Heijmans, B. T. (2016). Age-related accrual of methylomic variability is linked to fundamental ageing mechanisms. Genome Biology (Online), 17, [191].
  37. Published
    Dekkers, K. F., van Iterson, M., Slieker, R. C., Moed, M. H., Bonder, M. J., van Galen, M., ... Heijmans, B. T. (2016). Blood lipids influence DNA methylation in circulating cells. Genome Biology (Online), 17, [135].
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  44. 2015
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  50. 2014
  51. Published
    Herbert, A., Cruickshank, J. K., Laurent, S., The Reference Values for Arterial Measurements Collaboration, Stehouwer, C., Ferreira, I., ... Boutouyrie, P. (2014). Establishing reference values for central blood pressure and its amplification in a general healthy population and according to cardiovascular risk factors. European Heart Journal, 35(44), 3122-+.
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