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  1. 2019
  2. Published
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  4. Published
    Hoxhaj, R., Vink, M., & Prokic-Breuer, T. (2019). Immigrant naturalisation, employment and occupational status in western Europe. (16 ed.) (Migration Policy Centre). Florence: European University Institute.
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  6. 2018
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  13. 2017
  14. Published
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  16. Published
  17. Published
  18. Published
    Vink, M. (2017). Access to Citizenship and the Role of Origin Countries. In Migrant Integration Between Homeland and Host Society Volume 1: Where does the country of origin fit? (pp. 201-224). Springer.
  19. Published
    Vink, M. (2017). Citizenship and legal statuses in relation to the integration of migrants and refugees. In R. Bauböck, & M. Tripkovic (Eds.), The integration of migrants and refugees : : an EUI forum on migration, citizenship and demography (pp. 24-46). Florence: European University Institute.
  20. Published
    Vink, M. (2017). Comparing Citizenship Regimes. In A. Shachar, R. Bauboeck, I. Bloemraad, & M. Vink (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship (pp. 221-244). Oxford University Press.
  21. Published
    Vink, M. (2017). Conclusão: Europeização e Democratização em Portugal: Brothers-in-Arms or Frères Ennemis? In A. Costa Pinto, & N. Severiano Teixeira (Eds.), A Europeização da Democracia (pp. 241-249). Imprensa de Ciências Sociais.
  22. Published
    Shachar, A., Bauböck, R., Bloemraad, I., & Vink, M. (2017). Introduction: citizenship -Quo Vadis? In Oxford Handbook of Citizenship (pp. 3-11). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  23. Published
    Shachar, A., Bauboeck, R., Bloemraad, I., & Vink, M. (Eds.) (2017). The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship. Oxford University Press.
  24. Published
    Vink, M., Schaper, M., van der Valk, J., & Smidt, L. (2017). The Qualifying Foreign Taxpayer Obligation ("90% rule"): A Quantitative Ex-Ante Impact Assessment. In Cross-border impact assessment 2017 (pp. 1-16). ITEM.
  25. 2016
  26. Published
  27. Published
    Vink, M., & de Groot, G. R. (2016). Citizenship policies in the European Union. In D. Besharov, M. Lopez, & M. Siegel (Eds.), A world in Motion: Trends in Global Migration and Migration Policy (pp. 209-231). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  28. Published
    Peters, F., & Vink, M. (2016). Naturalization and the Socio-Economic Integration of Immigrants: a Life-Course Perspective. In G. Freeman, & N. Mirilovic (Eds.), Handbook on migration and social policy (pp. 362-377). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  29. Published
    Vink, M., Baubock, R., & Shaw, J. (2016). A short history of comparative research on citizenship. In O. Vonk (Ed.), Grootboek: Opstellen aangeboden aan Gerard-René de Groot ter gelegenheid van zijn afscheid als hoogleraar rechtsvergelijking en internationaal privaatrecht aan de Universiteit Maastricht (pp. 409-422). Wolters Kluwer.
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