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  1. 2019
  2. Published
    Clemente, D. B. P., Vrijheid, M., Martens, D. S., Bustamante, M., Chatzi, L., Danileviciute, A., ... Nawrot, T. S. (2019). Prenatal and Childhood Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure and Telomere Length in European Children: The HELIX Project. Environmental Health Perspectives, 127(8), [087001].
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  6. Published
    Nieuwenhuijsen, M. J., Agier, L., Basagana, X., Urquiza, J., Tamayo-Uria, I., Giorgis-Allemand, L., ... Slama, R. (2019). Influence of the Urban Exposome on Birth Weight. Environmental Health Perspectives, 127(4), [047007].
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  9. Published
    Chatzi, L., Ierodiakonou, D., Margetaki, K., Vafeiadi, M., Chalkiadaki, G., Roumeliotaki, T., ... Kippler, M. (2019). Associations of Prenatal Exposure to Cadmium With Child Growth, Obesity, and Cardiometabolic Traits. American Journal of Epidemiology, 188(1), 141-150.
  10. Published
    Gergianaki, I., Fanouriakis, A., Adamichou, C., Spyrou, G., Mihalopoulos, N., Kazadzis, S., ... Bertsias, G. (2019). Is systemic lupus erythematosus different in urban versus rural living environment? Data from the Cretan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance Registry. Lupus, 28(1), 104-113.
  11. 2018
  12. Published
    Haug, L. S., Sakhi, A. K., Cequier, E., Casas, M., Maitre, L., Basagana, X., ... Thomsen, C. (2018). In-utero and childhood chemical exposome in six European mother-child cohorts. Environment International, 121, 751-763.
  13. Published
    Casas, M., Basagana, X., Sakhi, A. K., Haug, L. S., Philippat, C., Granum, B., ... Vrijheid, M. (2018). Variability of urinary concentrations of non-persistent chemicals in pregnant women and school-aged children. Environment International, 121(Part 1), 561-573.
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  15. Published
    Santos, S., Eekhout, I., Voerman, E., Gaillard, R., Barros, H., Charles, M-A., ... Jaddoe, V. W. V. (2018). Gestational weight gain charts for different body mass index groups for women in Europe, North America, and Oceania. BMC Medicine, 16, [201].
  16. Published
  17. Published
    Maitre, L., de Bont, J., Casas, M., Robinson, O., Aasvang, G. M., Agier, L., ... Vrijheid, M. (2018). Human Early Life Exposome (HELIX) study: a European population-based exposome cohort . BMJ Open, 8(9), [021311].
  18. Published
    Daraki, V., Roumeliotaki, T., Chalkiadaki, G., Katrinaki, M., Karachaliou, M., Leventakou, V., ... Chatzi, L. (2018). Low maternal vitamin D status in pregnancy increases the risk of childhood obesity. Pediatric Obesity, 13(8), 467-475.
  19. Published
    Robinson, O., Tamayo, I., de Castro, M., Valentin, A., Giorgis-Allemand, L., Krog, N. H., ... Basagana, X. (2018). The Urban Exposome during Pregnancy and Its Socioeconomic Determinants. Environmental Health Perspectives, 126(7), [077005].
  20. Published
    BIOS Consortium, Xu, C-J., Soderhall, C., Bustamante, M., Baiz, N., Gruzieva, O., ... Bousquet, J. (2018). DNA methylation in childhood asthma: an epigenome-wide meta-analysis. The Lancet Respiratory medicine, 6(5), 379-388.
  21. Published
    Early Growth Genetics EGG Consort, Warrington, N. M., Richmond, R., Fenstra, B., Myhre, R., Gaillard, R., ... Chatzi, L. (2018). Maternal and fetal genetic contribution to gestational weight gain. International Journal of Obesity, 42(4), 775-784.
  22. Published
    Robinson, O., Keski-Rahkonen, P., Chatzi, L., Kogevinas, M., Nawrot, T., Pizzi, C., ... Chadeau-Hyam, M. (2018). Cord Blood Metabolic Signatures of Birth Weight: A Population-Based Study. Journal of Proteome Research, 17(3), 1235-1247.
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  26. 2017
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  30. Published
    Chatzi, L., Leventakou, V., Vafeiadi, M., Koutra, K., Roumeliotaki, T., Chalkiadaki, G., ... Kogevinas, M. (2017). Cohort Profile: The Mother-Child Cohort in Crete, Greece (Rhea Study). International Journal of Epidemiology, 46(5), 1392-1393k.
  31. Published
  32. Published
    Chatzi, L., & Stratakis, N. (2017). Maternal fish intake during pregnancy and effects on the offspring. In Diet, Nutrition, and Fetal Programming (pp. 241-260). Humana Press.
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  35. 2016
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  39. Published
    Vardavas, C. I., Hohmann, C., Patelarou, E., Martinez, D., Henderson, A. J., Granell, R., ... Kogevinas, M. (2016). The independent role of prenatal and postnatal exposure to active and passive smoking on the development of early wheeze in children. European Respiratory Journal, 48(1), 115-124.
  40. Published
    Stratakis, N., Roumeliotaki, T., Oken, E., Barros, H., Basterrechea, M., Charles, M-A., ... Chatzi, L. (2016). Fish Intake in Pregnancy and Child Growth A Pooled Analysis of 15 European and US Birth Cohorts. JAMA Pediatrics, 170(4), 381-390.
  41. 2015
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  45. Published
    Bousquet, J., Schunemann, H. J., Fonseca, J., Samolinski, B., Bachert, C., Canonica, G. W., ... Mercier, J. (2015). MACVIA-ARIA Sentinel NetworK for allergic rhinitis (MASK-rhinitis): the new generation guideline implementation. Allergy, 70(11), 1372-1392.
  46. 2014
  47. Published
  48. Published
    Vande Loock, K., Botsivali, M., Zangogianni, M., Anderson, D., Baumgartner, A., Fthenou, E., ... Kirsch-Volders, M. (2014). The effect of dietary estimates calculated using food frequency questionnaires on micronuclei formation in European pregnant women: a NewGeneris study. Mutagenesis, 29(6), 393-400.
  49. Published
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  51. Published
    Vafeiadi, M., Agramunt, S., Pedersen, M., Besselink, H., Chatzi, L., Fthenou, E., ... Kogevinas, M. (2014). In Utero Exposure to Compounds with Dioxin-like Activity and Birth Outcomes. Epidemiology, 25(2), 215-224.
  52. Published
  53. Published
    Sonnenschein-van der Voort, A. M. M., Arends, L. R., de Jongste, J. C., Annesi-Maesano, I., Arshad, S. H., Barros, H., ... Duijts, L. (2014). Preterm birth, infant weight gain, and childhood asthma risk: A meta-analysis of 147,000 European children. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 133(5), 1317-1329.
  54. 2013
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  57. 2012
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