Staňková, Kateřina

Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

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  1. Published
    Abrudan, M., You, L., Stanková, K., & Thuijsman, F. (2016). A Game Theoretical Approach to Microbial Coexistence. In Advances in Dynamic and Evolutionary Games (pp. 267-282). Springer.
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  3. Published
    Bayer, P., Brown, J., & Stankova, K. (2017). A Two-Phenotype Model of Immune Evasion by Cancer Cells. (GSBE Research Memoranda; No. 029). GSBE.
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  8. Published
    You, L., von Knobloch, M., Lopez, T., Peschen, V., Radcliffe, S., Koshy Sam, P., ... Brown, J. S. (2019). Including Blood Vasculature into a Game-Theoretic Model of Cancer Dynamics. Games, 10(1), [13].
  9. Published
    Stanková, K., Abate, A., & Sabelis, M. W. (2014). Intra-seasonal Strategies Based on Energy Budgets in a Dynamic Predator-Prey Game. In Annals of International Society of Dynamic Games (Vol. 13, pp. 205-222)
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