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    Stunnenberg, B. C., Raaphorst, J., Deenen, J. C. W., Links, T. P., Wilde, A. A., Verbove, D. J., ... Ginjaar, H. B. (2018). Prevalence and mutation spectrum of skeletal muscle channelopathies in the Netherlands. Neuromuscular Disorders, 28(5), 402-407.
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  13. 2017
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    Martinelli-Boneschi, F., Colombi, M., Castori, M., Devigili, G., Eleopra, R., Malik, R. A., ... INGI Network (2017). COL6A5 variants in familial neuropathic chronic itch. Brain, 140, 555-567.
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  17. 2016
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    Pruppers, M., Merkies, I. S. J., Faber, C. G., Lunn, M. P. T., Leger, J-M., Nobile-Orazio, E., & Notermans, N. (2016). IGM ANTI-MAG PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY: FROM PROPER ASSESSMENT TO TRIAL NEEDS (IMAGINE STUDY). Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, 21(3), 202-202.
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    Draak, T. H. P., Gorson, K. C., Vanhoutte, E. K., van Nes, S. I., van Doorn, P. A., Cornblath, D. R., ... Merkies, I. S. J. (2016). Correlation of the patient's reported outcome Inflammatory-RODS with an objective metric in immune-mediated neuropathies. European Journal of Neurology, 23(7), 1248-1253.
  23. Published
    Deenen, J. C. W., van Doorn, P. A., Faber, K., van der Kooi, A. J., Kuks, J. B. M., Notermans, N. C., ... van Engelen, B. G. M. (2016). The epidemiology of neuromuscular disorders: Age at onset and gender in the Netherlands. Neuromuscular Disorders, 26(7), 447-452.
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    Draak, T. H. P., Gorson, K. C., Vanhoutte, E. K., van Nes, S. I., van Doorn, P. A., Cornblath, D. R., ... Merkies, I. S. J. (2016). Does ability to walk reflect general functionality in inflammatory neuropathies? Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, 21(2), 74-81.
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    Merkies, I. S. J., Pruppers, M., & Faber, K. (2016). Outcome Measures in Guillain-Barré Syndrome: From a Plummer’s Tool to Interval-Based Metrics. In GBS100: Celebrating a Century of Progress in Guillain-Barré Syndrome (pp. 442-450). Peripheral Nerve Society.
  29. 2015
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    Alberti, P., Rossi, E., Cornblath, D. R., Merkies, I. S. J., Postma, T. J., Frigeni, B., ... Cavaletti, G. (2014). Physician-assessed and patient-reported outcome measures in chemotherapy-induced sensory peripheral neurotoxicity: two sides of the same coin. Annals of Oncology, 25(1), 257-264.
  35. 2013
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    Bakkers, M., Faber, K., Peters, M. J. H., Reulen, J. P. H., Franssen, H., Fischer, T. Z., & Merkies, I. S. J. (2013). Temperature threshold testing: a systematic review. Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System, 18(1), 7-18.
  38. Published
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  44. 2011
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    Lauria, G., Cazzato, D., Porretta-Serapiglia, C., Casanova-Molla, J., Taiana, M., Penza, P., ... Merkies, I. S. J. (2011). Morphometry of dermal nerve fibers in human skin. Neurology, 77(3), 242-249.
  46. Published
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  47. 2010
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    Stunnenberg, B. C., Ginjaar, H. B., Trip, J., Faber, C. G., van Engelen, B. G. M., & Drost, G. (2010). Isolated eyelid closure myotonia in two families with sodium channel myotonia. Neurogenetics, 11(2), 257-260.
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