Heemskerk, J.W.M.

Full professor - Personal chair

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  1. 2019
  2. Published
    Coppin, L., Najimi, M., Bodart, J., Rouchon, M-S., van der Smissen, P., Eeckhoudt, S., ... Stephenne, X. (2019). Clinical Protocol to Prevent Thrombogenic Effect of Liver-Derived Mesenchymal Cells for Cell-Based Therapies. Cells, 8(8), [846].
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  4. Published
    Gotru, S. K., van Geffen, J. P., Nagy, M., Mammadova-Bach, E., Eilenberger, J., Volz, J., ... Braun, A. (2019). Defective Zn2+ homeostasis in mouse and human platelets with alpha- and delta-storage pool diseases. Scientific Reports, 9, [8333].
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  10. Published
    Kiouptsi, K., Jaeckel, S., Pontarollo, G., Grill, A., Kuijpers, M. J. E., Wilms, E., ... Reinhardt, C. (2019). The Microbiota Promotes Arterial Thrombosis in Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Deficient Mice. Mbio, 10(5), [e02298-19].
  11. 2018
  12. Published
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  14. Published
    Hofmann, I., Geer, M. J., Vogtle, T., Crispin, A., Campagna, D. R., Barr, A., ... Senis, Y. A. (2018). Congenital macrothrombocytopenia with focal myelofibrosis due to mutations in human G6b-B is rescued in humanized mice. Blood, 132(13), 1399-1412.
  15. Published
    Geer, M. J., van Geffen, J. P., Gopalasingam, P., Vogtle, T., Smith, C. W., Heising, S., ... Senis, Y. A. (2018). Uncoupling ITIM receptor G6b-B from tyrosine phosphatases Shp1 and Shp2 disrupts murine platelet homeostasis. Blood, 132(13), 1413-1425.
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  17. Published
    Lepropre, S., Kautbally, S., Octave, M., Ginion, A., Onselaer, M-B., Steinberg, G. R., ... Horman, S. (2018). AMPK-ACC signaling modulates platelet phospholipids and potentiates thrombus formation. Blood, 132(11), 1180-1192.
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  23. Published
    Borst, O., Munzer, P., Alnaggar, N., Geue, S., Tegtmeyer, R., Rath, D., ... Geisler, T. (2018). Inhibitory mechanisms of very low-dose rivaroxaban in non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Blood advances, 2(6), 715-730.
  24. Published
    Mori, J., Nagy, Z., Di Nunzio, G., Smith, C. W., Geer, M. J., Al Ghaithi, R., ... Senis, Y. A. (2018). Maintenance of murine platelet homeostasis by the kinase Csk and phosphatase CD148. Blood, 131(10), 1122-1144.
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  30. 2017
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  33. Published
    Petersen, R., Lambourne, J. J., Javierre, B. M., Grassi, L., Kreuzhuber, R., Ruklisa, D., ... Frontini, M. (2017). Platelet function is modified by common sequence variation in megakaryocyte super enhancers. Nature Communications, 8, [16058].
  34. Published
    Borstlap, W. A. A., Deijen, C. L., den Dulk, M., Bonjer, H. J., van de Velde, C. J., Bemelman, W. A., ... Dutch Snapshot Res Grp (2017). Benchmarking recent national practice in rectal cancer treatment with landmark randomized controlled trials. Colorectal Disease, 19(6), O219-O231.
  35. Published
    Egan, K., van Geffen, J. P., ma, H., Kevane, B., Lennon, A., Allen, S., ... Ainle, F. N. (2017). Effect of platelet-derived beta-thromboglobulins on coagulation. Thrombosis Research, 154, 7-15.
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  38. Published
    Beck, F., Geiger, J., Gambaryan, S., Solari, F. A., Dell'Aica, M., Loroch, S., ... Sickmann, A. (2017). Temporal quantitative phosphoproteomics of ADP stimulation reveals novel central nodes in platelet activation and inhibition. Blood, 129(2), E1-E12.
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  41. 2016
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  45. Published
    Simeoni, I., Stephens, J. C., Hu, F., Deevi, S. V. V., Megy, K., Bariana, T. K., ... Turro, E. (2016). A high-throughput sequencing test for diagnosing inherited bleeding, thrombotic, and platelet disorders. Blood, 127(23), 2791-2803.
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  54. 2015
  55. Published
    Agbani, E. O., van den Bosch, M. T. J., Brown, E., Williams, C. M., Mattheij, N. J. A., Cosemans, J. M. E. M., ... Poole, A. W. (2015). Coordinated Membrane Ballooning and Procoagulant Spreading in Human Platelets. Circulation, 132(15), 1414-1424.
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