Metsemakers, J.F.M.

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    Drewes, Y. M., Gussekloo, J., van der Meer, V., Rigter, H., Dekker, J. H., Goumans, M. J. B. M., ... Assendelft, W. J. J. (2012). Assessment of Appropriateness of Screening Community-Dwelling Older People to Prevent Functional Decline. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 60(1), 42-50.
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    de Graaf, L. E., Gerhards, S. A. H., Metsemakers, J. F. M., Riper, H., & Huibers, M. J. H. (2007). De computer als hulpverlener bij depressie en angst. Bijblijven, 23, 41-47.
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    Dierick-van Daele, A. T. M., Steuten, L. M. G., Spreeuwenberg, C., Metsemakers, J. F. M., Vrijhoef, H. J. M., & Derckx, E. W. C. C. (2010). Economic evaluation of nurse practitioners versus GPs in treating common conditions. British Journal of General Practice, 60(570), e28-e35.
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    Gerhards, S. A. H., de Graaf, L. E., Jacobs, L. E., Severens, J. L., Huibers, M. J. H., Arntz, A., ... Evers, S. M. A. A. (2011). Economic evaluation of online computerized cognitive behavioural therapy without support for depression in primary care: a randomized trial. S7-S7. Abstract from Tenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry Mental Health Policy and Economics, .
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    de Graaf, E., Gerhards, S. A. H., Arntz, A. R., Riper, H., Metsemakers, J., Evers, S. M. A. A., ... Huibers, M. J. H. (2010). Effectiviteit van online cognitieve gedragstherapie voor depressie in de eerste lijn. Gedragstherapie, 43(4), 59-77.
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    Wagemans, A. M. A., van Schrojenstein Lantman-de Valk, H. M. J., Proot, I. M., Metsemakers, J., Tuffrey-Wijne, I., & Curfs, L. M. G. (2015). End-of-Life Decision-Making for People With Intellectual Disability From the Perspective of Nurses. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 12(4), 294-302.
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    Wagemans, A. M. A., Lantman-de Valk, H. M. J. V. S., Proot, I. M., Metsemakers, J., Tuffrey-Wijne, I., & Curfs, L. M. G. (2013). End-of-life decisions for people with intellectual disabilities, an interview study with patient representatives. Palliative Medicine, 27(8), 765-771.
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