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    Sharma, M. K., Gostl, R., Frijns, A. J. H., Wieringa, F. P., Kooman, J. P., Sijbesma, R. P., & Smeulders, D. M. J. (2018). A Fluorescent Micro-Optofluidic Sensor for In-Line Ion Selective Electrolyte Monitoring. Ieee Sensors Journal, 18(10), 3946-3951.
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    Hageman, D., Kooman, J. P., Lance, M. D., van Heurn, L. W. E., & Snoeijs, M. G. (2012). Acute nierschade. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, 156(50), A5057.
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    Cornelis, T., Tennankore, K. K., Goffin, E., Rauta, V., Honkanen, E., Ozyilmaz, A., ... Chan, C. T. (2014). An international feasibility study of home haemodialysis in older patients. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 29(12), 2327-2333.
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    de Goeij, M. C., de Jager, D. J., Grootendorst, D. C., Voormolen, N., Sijpkens, Y. W., van Dijk, S., ... Halbesma, N. (2012). Association Of Blood Pressure with the Start of Renal Replacement Therapy in Elderly Compared with Young Patients Receiving Predialysis Care. American Journal of Hypertension, 25(11), 1175-1181.
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    Hermans, M. M., Brandenburg, V., Ketteler, M., Kooman, J. P., van der Sande, F. M., Boeschoten, E. W., ... Netherlands cooperative study on the adequacy of Dialysis, NECOSAD. (2007). Association of serum fetuin-A levels with mortality in dialysis patients. Kidney International, 72(2), 202-207.
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    Maddux, D. W., Usvyat, L. A., Ketchersid, T., Jiao, Y., Blanchard, T. C., Kotanko, P., ... Maddux, F. W. (2018). Clinical parameters before and after the transition to dialysis. Hemodialysis international, 22(2), 235-244.
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    Sabatino, A., Piotti, G., Cosola, C., Gandolfini, I., Kooman, J. P., & Fiaccadori, E. (2018). Dietary protein and nutritional supplements in conventional hemodialysis. Seminars in Dialysis, 31(6), 583-591.
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    Ye, X., Dekker, M. J. E., Maddux, F. W., Kotanko, P., Konings, C. J. A. M., Raimann, J. G., ... Thijssen, S. (2017). Dynamics of Nutritional Competence in the Last Year Before Death in a Large Cohort of US Hemodialysis Patients. Journal of Renal Nutrition, 27(6), 412-420.
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    Tattersall, J., Martin Malo, A., Pedrini, L., Basci, A., Canaud, B., Fouque, D., ... Vanholder, R. (2007). EBPG guideline on dialysis strategies. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 22(Suppl 2), ii5-21.
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    Fouque, D., Vennegoor, M., Ter Wee, P., Wanner, C., Basci, A., Canaud, B., ... Vanholder, R. (2007). EBPG Guideline on Nutrition. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 22 Suppl 2, ii45-ii87.
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