van den Brakel, J.A.

Extraordinary Professor

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    Bijlsma, I., van den Brakel, J., van der Velden, R., & Allen, J. (2017). Estimating literacy levels at a detailed regional level: an application using Dutch data. Paper presented at Workshop Human Capital and Regional Development, Maastricht, Netherlands.
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    Smit, P., Tzavidis, N., Schmid, T., van den Brakel, J., & Marschall, S. (2017). Assessing and interpreting discontinuities in the transition to an integrated survey. In ESRA Conference, 18-21 July 2017, Lisabon, Portugal
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    van den Brakel, J., Krieg, S., Ouwehand, P., van de Pol, F., van Ruth, F., Smeets, M., & Verbiest, P. (2017). Data availability, frequency and adjustment techniques. In G. L. Mazzi, A. Ozyildirim, & D. A. Rieser (Eds.), Handbook on Cyclical Composite Indicators: for business cycle analysis (pp. 109-142). United Nations and Eurostat, Luxemburg.
  14. Published
    Rojas-Perilla, N., Schmid, T., Smith, P., Tzavidis, N., & van den Brakel, J. (2017). Domain Estimation of Survey Discontinuities. Paper presented at Small Area Estimation Conference, Paris, France.
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    Burger, J., van den Brakel, J., & Buelens, B. (2017). Expanding the toolbox: inference from non-probability samples using machine learning. Paper presented at Conference on Inference from Non-Probability Samples, Paris, France.
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    van den Brakel, J., Söhler, E., Daas, P., & Buelens, B. (2017). Social media for official statistics. Paper presented at Small Area Estimation Conference, Paris, France.
  20. 2016
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    Bollineni - Balabay, O., van den Brakel, J., & Palm, F. (2016). State Space time series modelling of the Dutch Labour Force Survey: Model Selection and MSE Estimation. (CBS Discussion Paper; No. 2016 - 13). Heerlen: Statistics Netherlands.
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    van den Brakel, J. A. (2012). Models in official statistics. Maastricht: Océ Business Publishers.
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