Aerts, H.J.W.L.

Full professor - Personal chair, Researcher (MUMC)

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    Gu, Y., Kumar, V., Hall, L. O., Goldgof, D. B., Li, C-Y., Korn, R., ... Gillies, R. J. (2013). Automated delineation of lung tumors from CT images using a single click ensemble segmentation approach. Pattern Recognition, 46(3), 692-702.
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    Coroller, T. P., Grossmann, P., Hou, Y., Velazquez, E. R., Leijenaar, R. T. H., Hermann, G., ... Aerts, H. J. W. L. (2015). CT-based radiomic signature predicts distant metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 114(3), 345-350.
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    Grossmann, P., Stringfield, O., El-Hachem, N., Bui, M. M., Velazquez, E. R., Parmar, C., ... Aerts, H. J. W. L. (2017). Defining the biological basis of radiomic phenotypes in lung cancer. Elife, 6, [23421].
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    Foldyna, B., Eslami, P., Scholtz, J-E., Baltrusaitis, K., Lu, M. T., Massaro, J. M., ... Hoffmann, U. (2019). Density and morphology of coronary artery calcium for the prediction of cardiovascular events: insights from the Framingham Heart Study. European Radiology, 29(11), 6140-6148.
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    O'Connor, J. P. B., Aboagye, E. O., Adams, J. E., Aerts, H. J. W. L., Barrington, S. F., Beer, A. J., ... Waterton, J. C. (2017). Imaging biomarker roadmap for cancer studies. Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, 14(3), 169-186.
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    Haibe-Kains, B., El-Hachem, N., Birkbak, N. J., Jin, A. C., Beck, A. H., Aerts, H. J. W. L., & Quackenbush, J. (2013). Inconsistency in large pharmacogenomic studies. Nature, 504(7480), 389-+.
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    Parmar, C., Leijenaar, R. T. H., Grossmann, P., Velazquez, E. R., Bussink, J., Rietveld, D., ... Aerts, H. J. W. L. (2015). Radiomic feature clusters and Prognostic Signatures specific for Lung and Head & Neck cancer. Scientific Reports, 5, [11044].
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    Leijenaar, R. T. H., Carvalho, S., Velazquez, E. R., van Elmpt, W. J. C., Parmar, C., Hoekstra, O. S., ... Lambin, P. (2013). Stability of FDG-PET Radiomics features: an integrated analysis of test-retest and inter-observer variability. Acta oncologica, 52(7), 1391-1397.
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    Velazquez, E. R., Parmar, C., Jermoumi, M., Mak, R. H., van Baardwijk, A., Fennessy, F. M., ... Aerts, H. J. W. L. (2013). Volumetric CT-based segmentation of NSCLC using 3D-Slicer. Scientific Reports, 3, [3529].