Dinant, G.J.

Full professor - Personal chair

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  1. 2014
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    Houwink, E. J. F., Muijtjens, A. M. M., van Teeffelen, S. R., Henneman, L., Rethans, J. J., van der Jagt, L. E. J., ... Cornel, M. C. (2014). Effectiveness of oncogenetics training on general practitioners' consultation skills: a randomized controlled trial. Genetics in Medicine, 16(1), 45-52.
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    Thoomes-de Graaf, M., Scholten-Peeters, G. G. M., Duijn, E., Karel, Y. H. J. M., van den Borne, M. P., Beumer, A., ... Verhagen, A. P. (2014). Inter-professional agreement of ultrasound-based diagnoses in patients with shoulder pain between physical therapists and radiologists in the Netherlands. Manual Therapy, 19(5), 478-483.
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    Houwink, E. J. F., van Teeffelen, S. R., Muijtjens, A. M. M., Henneman, L., Jacobi, F., van Luijk, S. J., ... Cornel, M. C. (2014). Sustained effects of online genetics education: a randomized controlled trial on oncogenetics. European Journal of Human Genetics, 22(3), 310-316.
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  19. 2013
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    Le Reste, J-Y., Coppens, M., Barais, M., Nabbe, P., Le Floch, B., Chiron, B., ... Barraine, P. (2013). The transculturality of 'gut feelings'. Results from a French Delphi consensus survey. European Journal of General Practice, 19(4), 237-243.
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