van de Vosse, F.N.

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    Petterson, N. J., Fixsen, L. S., Rutten, M. C. M., Pijls, N. H. J., de Vosse, F. N. V., & Lopata, R. G. P. (2017). Ultrasound functional imaging in an ex vivo beating porcine heart platform. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 62(23), 9112-9126.
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    Kurniawan, N. A., van Kempen, T. H. S., Sonneveld, S., Rosalina, T. T., Vos, B. E., Jansen, K. A., ... Koenderink, G. H. (2017). Buffers Strongly Modulate Fibrin Self-Assembly into Fibrous Networks. Langmuir, 33(25), 6342-6352.
  13. Published
    Jongen, G. J. L. M., van der Hout-van der Jagt, M. B., Oei, S. G., van de Vosse, F. N., & Bovendeerd, P. H. M. (2017). Simulation of fetal heart rate variability with a mathematical model. Medical Engineering & Physics, 42, 55-64.
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    van Disseldorp, E. M. J., Petterson, N. J., Rutten, M. C. M., van de Vosse, F. N., van Sambeek, M. R. H. M., & Lopata, R. G. P. (2017). Patient-Specific Mechanical Characterization Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Using 4D Ultrasound. Ultraschall in der Medizin - European Journal of Ultrasound, 38(1), 92-93.
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    Otterspoor, L. C., van Nunen, L. X., Rosalina, T. T., van't Veer, M., Van Tuijl, S., Stijnen, M., ... Pijls, N. H. J. (2017). Intracoronary hypothermia for acute myocardial infarction in the isolated beating pig heart. American Journal of Translational Research, 9(2), 558-568.
  17. 2016
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    van Disseldorp, E. M. J., Hobelman, K. H., Petterson, N. J., van de Vosse, F. N., van Sambeek, M. R. H. M., & Lopata, R. G. P. (2016). Influence of limited field-of-view on wall stress analysis in abdominal aortic aneurysms. Journal of Biomechanics, 49(12), 2405-2412.
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    Vismara, R., Leopaldi, A. M., Piola, M., Asselta, C., Lemma, M., Antona, C., ... Fiore, G. B. (2016). In vitro assessment of mitral valve function in cyclically pressurized porcine hearts. Medical Engineering & Physics, 38(4), 346-353.
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    Schampaert, S., van Nunen, L. X., Pijls, N. H. J., Rutten, M. C. M., van Tuijl, S., van de Vosse, F. N., & van 't Veer, M. (2015). Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Support in the Isolated Beating Porcine Heart in Nonischemic and Ischemic Pump Failure. Artificial Organs, 39(11), 931-938.
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    Lopata, R. G. P., Peters, M. F. J., Nijs, J., Oomens, C. W. J., Rutten, M. C. M., & van de Vosse, F. N. (2014). VASCULAR ELASTOGRAPHY: A VALIDATION STUDY. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, 40(8), 1882-1895.
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  54. 2013
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    van Nunen, L. X., van 't Veer, M., Schampaert, S., Steerneman, B. J. E. M., Rutten, M. C. M., van de Vosse, F. N., & Pijls, N. H. J. (2013). Intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in acute myocardial infarction: old and emerging indications. Netherlands Heart Journal, 21(12), 554-560.
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