Schaap, F.G.

Assistant Professor

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  1. 2019
  2. Published
    van Nierop, F. S., Meessen, E. C. E., Nelissen, K. G. M., Achterbergh, R., Lammers, L. A., Vaz, F. M., ... Soeters, M. R. (2019). Differential effects of a 40-hour fast and bile acid supplementation on human GLP-1 and FGF19 responses. American Journal of Physiology : Endocrinology and Metabolism, 317(3), E494-E502.
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  7. Published
    Klouwer, F. C. C., Koot, B. G. P., Berendse, K., Kemper, E. M., Ferdinandusse, S., Koelfat, K. V. K., ... Poll-The, B. T. (2019). The cholic acid extension study in Zellweger spectrum disorders: Results and implications for therapy. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 42(2), 303-312.
  8. 2018
  9. Published
    van Golen, R. F., Olthof, P. B., Lionarons, D. A., Reiniers, M. J., Alles, L. K., Uz, Z., ... Heger, M. (2018). FXR agonist obeticholic acid induces liver growth but exacerbates biliary injury in rats with obstructive cholestasis. Scientific Reports, 8, [16529].
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  15. 2017
  16. Published
    de Groot, P. F., Belzer, C., Aydin, O., Levin, E., Levels, J. H., Aalvink, S., ... Nieuwdorp, M. (2017). Distinct fecal and oral microbiota composition in human type 1 diabetes, an observational study. PLOS ONE, 12(12), [0188475].
  17. Published
  18. Published
    Kootte, R. S., Levin, E., Salojarvi, J., Smits, L. P., Hartstra, A. V., Udayappan, S. D., ... Nieuwdorp, M. (2017). Improvement of Insulin Sensitivity after Lean Donor Feces in Metabolic Syndrome Is Driven by Baseline Intestinal Microbiota Composition. Cell Metabolism, 26(4), 611-619.e6.
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  22. Published
    Zhao, J., van Mierlo, K. M. C., Gómez-Ramírez, J., Kim, H., Pilgrim, C. H. C., Pessaux, P., ... Chemotherapy-Associated Liver Injury (CALI) consortium (2017). Systematic review of the influence of chemotherapy-associated liver injury on outcome after partial hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastases. British Journal of Surgery, 104(8), 990-1002.
  23. Published
  24. Published
    Vesterhus, M., Holm, A., Hov, J. R., Nygard, S., Schrumpf, E., Melum, E., ... Lund-Johansen, F. (2017). Novel serum and bile protein markers predict primary sclerosing cholangitis disease severity and prognosis. Journal of Hepatology, 66(6), 1214-1222.
  25. Published
    Olthof, P. B., Huisman, F., Schaap, F. G., van Lienden, K. P., Bennink, R. J., van Golen, R. F., ... van Gulik, T. M. (2017). Effect of obeticholic acid on liver regeneration following portal vein embolization in an experimental model. British Journal of Surgery, 104(5), 590-599.
  26. Published
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  28. Published
    Jansen, P. L. M., Ghallab, A., Vartak, N., Reif, R., Schaap, F. G., Hampe, J., & Hengstler, J. G. (2017). The Ascending Pathophysiology of Cholestatic Liver Disease. Hepatology, 65(2), 722-738.
  29. Published
  30. 2016
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  34. Published
    Berendse, K., Klouwer, F. C. C., Koot, B. G. P., Kemper, E. M., Ferdinandusse, S., Koelfat, K. V. K., ... Poll-The, B. T. (2016). Cholic acid therapy in Zellweger spectrum disorders. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 39(6), 859-868.
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  40. 2015
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  45. Published
    Vaz, F. M., Paulusma, C. C., Huidekoper, H., de Ru, M., Lim, C., Koster, J., ... Wanders, R. J. (2015). Sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (SLC10A1) deficiency: Conjugated hypercholanemia without a clear clinical phenotype. Hepatology, 61(1), 260-267.
  46. 2014
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  52. 2013
  53. Published
  54. Published
    van den Berg, S. A., Heemskerk, M. M., Geerling, J. J., van Klinken, J. B., Schaap, F. G., Bijland, S., ... van Dijk, K. W. (2013). Apolipoprotein A5 deficiency aggravates high-fat diet-induced obesity due to impaired central regulation of food intake. Faseb Journal, 27(8), 3354-3362.
  55. Published
  56. Published
    Koot, B. G., van der Baan Slootweg, O. H., Bohte, A. E., Nederveen, A. J., van Werven, J. R., Tamminga-Smeulders, C. I., ... Benninga, M. A. (2013). Accuracy of prediction scores and novel biomarkers for predicting nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in obese children. Obesity, 21(3), 583-590.
  57. Published
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