de Vries, F.

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  1. 2012
  2. Published
    Lalmohamed, A., Welsing, P. M. J., Lems, W. F., Jacobs, J. W. G., Kanis, J. A., Johansson, H., ... De Vries, F. (2012). Calibration of FRAX (R) 3.1 to the Dutch population with data on the epidemiology of hip fractures. Osteoporosis International, 23(3), 861-869.
  3. Published
    Bazelier, M. T., Vestergaard, P., Gallagher, A. M., van Staa, T-P., Cooper, C., Leufkens, H. G. M., & de Vries, F. (2012). Risk of Fracture with Thiazolidinediones: Disease or Drugs? Calcified Tissue International, 90(6), 450-457.
  4. Published
    Bazelier, M. T., van Staa, T. P., Uitdehaag, B. M. J., Cooper, C., Leufkens, H. G. M., Vestergaard, P., ... de Vries, F. (2012). Risk of fractures in patients with multiple sclerosis A population-based cohort study. Neurology, 78(24), 1967-1973.
  5. Published
  6. Published
    Lalmohamed, A., de Vries, F., Bazelier, M. T., Cooper, A., van Staa, T-P., Cooper, C., & Harvey, N. C. (2012). Risk of fracture after bariatric surgery in the United Kingdom: population based, retrospective cohort study. BMJ (e), 345, [e5085].
  7. Published
  8. Published
    Bazelier, M. T., Bentzen, J., Vestergaard, P., Stenager, E., Leufkens, H. G. M., van Staa, T-P., & de Vries, F. (2012). The risk of fracture in incident multiple sclerosis patients: The Danish National Health Registers. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 18(11), 1609-1616.
  9. Published
    Klop, C., de Vries, F., Lalmohamed, A., Mastbergen, S. C., Leufkens, H. G. M., Noort-van der Laan, W. H., ... Welsing, P. M. J. (2012). COX-2-Selective NSAIDs and Risk of Hip or Knee Replacements: A Population-Based Case-Control Study. Calcified Tissue International, 91(6), 387-394.
  10. Published
    Lalmohamed, A., Vestergaard, P., Cooper, C., de Boer, A., Leufkens, H. G. M., van Staa, T. P., & de Vries, F. (2012). Timing of Stroke in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Replacement and Matched Controls A Nationwide Cohort Study. Stroke, 43(12), 3225-3229.
  11. 2013
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  22. 2014
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  30. Published
    Pouwels, S., de Boer, A., Leufkens, H. G. M., Weber, W. E. J., Cooper, C., van Onzenoort, H. A. W., & de Vries, F. (2014). Risk of fracture in patients with muscular dystrophies. Osteoporosis International, 25(2), 509-518.
  31. Published
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  35. Published
    de Groot, M. C. H., Schuerch, M., de Vries, F., Hesse, U., Oliva, B., Gil, M., ... Klungel, O. H. (2014). Antiepileptic drug use in seven electronic health record databases in Europe: A methodologic comparison. Epilepsia, 55(5), 666-673.
  36. Published
  37. Published
    Requena, G., Abbing-Karahagopian, V., Huerta, C., de Bruin, M. L., Alvarez, Y., Miret, M., ... de Abajo, F. J. (2014). Incidence Rates and Trends of Hip/Femur Fractures in Five European Countries: Comparison Using E-Healthcare Records Databases. Calcified Tissue International, 94(6), 580-589.
  38. Published
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  41. Published
    Klop, C., Welsing, P. M. J., Cooper, C., Harvey, N. C., Elders, P. J. M., Bijlsma, J. W. J., ... de Vries, F. (2014). Mortality in British hip fracture patients, 2000-2010: A population-based retrospective cohort study. Bone, 66, 171-177.
  42. Published
    Gibson-Smith, D., Klop, C., Elders, P. J. M., Welsing, P. M. J., van Schoor, N., Leufkens, H. G. M., ... de Vries, F. (2014). The risk of major and any (non-hip) fragility fracture after hip fracture in the United Kingdom: 2000-2010. Osteoporosis International, 25(11), 2555-2563.
  43. 2015
  44. Published
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  48. Published
    Yska, J. P., van Roon, E. N., de Boer, A., Leufkens, H. G. M., Wilffert, B., de Heide, L. J. M., ... Lalmohamed, A. (2015). Remission of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Patients After Different Types of Bariatric Surgery: A Population-Based Cohort Study in the United Kingdom. JAMA Surgery, 150(12), 1126-1133.
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