Meijer, Ewout H.

Assistant Professor

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    Meijer, E. H., & Verschuere, B. (2017). Detection Deception Using Psychophysiological and Neural Measures. In H. Otgaar, & M. Howe (Eds.), Finding the Truth in the Courtroom : Dealing with Deception, Lies, and Memories (pp. 209-224). Oxford University Press.
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    Ben-Shakhar, G., Verschuere, B., & Meijer, E. H. (2011). Epiloque: current status and future developments in CIT research and practice. In B. Verschuere, G. Ben-Shakhar, & E. H. Meijer (Eds.), Memory detection: Theory and application of the Concealed Information Test (pp. 303-309). Cambridge [etc.]: Cambridge University Press.
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    Nahari, G., Ashkenazi, T., Fisher, R. P., Granhag, P-A., Hershkowitz, I., Masip, J., ... Vrij, A. (2019). 'Language of lies': Urgent issues and prospects in verbal lie detection research. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 24(1), 1-23.
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    Meijer, E. H., Verschuere, B. J., & Merckelbach, H. L. G. J. (2010). Leugendetectie met de polygraaf. In P. J. V. Koppen, H. L. G. J. Merckelbach, M. Jelicic, & J. W. Keijser (Eds.), Reizen met mijn rechter: Psychologie van het recht (pp. 689-704). Deventer: Kluwer.
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    Meijer, E. H., & Verschuere, B. (2017). Leugendetectie met de polygraaf. In P. J. van Koppen, J. W. de Keijser, R. Horselenberg, & M. Jelicic (Eds.), Routes van het Recht: Over de rechtspsychologie (1e druk ed., pp. 727-746). Boom Juridisch.
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    Meijer, E. H., & van Koppen, P. J. (2008). Lie detectors and the law: The use of the polygraph in Europe. In D. Canter, & R. Zukauskiene (Eds.), Psychology and law: Bridging the gap (pp. 31-50). Aldershot: Ashgate.
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    Klein Selle, N., Verschuere, B., Kindt, M., Meijer, E., Nahari, T., & Ben-Shakhar, G. (2017). Memory detection: the effects of emotional stimuli. Biological Psychology, 129, 25-35.
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    Verschuere, B., Ben-Shakhar, G., & Meijer, E. (2011). Memory detection: theory and application of the concealed information test. Cambridge [etc.]: Cambridge University Press.
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    Meijer, E. H., Verschuere, B., & Ben-Shakhar, G. (2011). Practical guidelines for developing a CIT. In B. Verschuere, G. Ben-Shakhar, & E. Meijer (Eds.), Memory detection : theory and application of the concealed information (pp. 293-302). Cambridge [etc.]: Cambridge University Press.
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    Meijer, E. H. (2008). Psychophysiology and the detection of deception: promises and perils. Maastricht: Datawyse / Universitaire Pers Maastricht.
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