Willighagen, E.L.

Assistant Professor

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  1. 2019
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  5. 2018
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    Kuhn, T., Meroño-Peñuela, A., Malic, A., Poelen, J. H., Hurlbert, A. H., Ortiz, E. C., ... Dumontier, M. (2018). Nanopublications: A Growing Resource of Provenance-Centric Scientific Linked Data. In 2018 IEEE 14th International Conference on e-Science (e-Science) (pp. 83-92). (Proceedings of IEEE e-Science).
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    Nielsen, F. Å., Mietchen, D., & Willighagen, E. (2018). Geospatial data and Scholia. In GeoLD-QuWeDa 2018 ESWC 2018 Workshops: GeoLD 2018 and QuWeDa 2018 (Vol. 2110, pp. 34-40). CEUR Workshop Proceedings.
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    Willighagen, E. (2018). Increasing the nanopublication recall with a BridgeDb Identifier Mapping Service. In Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences (Vol. 2275, pp. 1-6). CEUR Workshop Proceedings.
  15. 2017
  16. Published
    Nielsen, F. Å., Mietchen, D., & Willighagen, E. (2017). Scholia, Scientometrics and Wikidata. In The Semantic Web: ESWC 2017 Satellite Events (1 ed., Vol. 10577, pp. 237-259). (The Semantic Web: ESWC 2017 Satellite Events; Vol. 10577). Springer.
  17. Published
    Leist, M., Ghallab, A., Graepel, R., Marchan, R., Hassan, R., Bennekou, S. H., ... Hengstler, J. G. (2017). Adverse outcome pathways: opportunities, limitations and open questions. Archives of Toxicology, 91(11), 3477-3505.
  18. Published
    Van Rijswijk, M., Beirnaert, C., Caron, C., Cascante, M., Dominguez, V., Dunn, W. B., ... Steinbeck, C. (2017). The future of metabolomics in ELIXIR. F1000Research, 6, [1649].
  19. Published
    Kuhn, T., Willighagen, E., Evelo, C., Queralt-rosinach, N., Centeno, E., & Furlong, L. I. (2017). Reliable Granular References to Changing Linked Data. In The Semantic Web – ISWC 2017: 16th International Semantic Web Conference, Vienna, Austria, October 21–25, 2017, Proceedings, Part I (1 ed., Vol. 10587, pp. 436-451). (The Semantic Web – ISWC 2017; Vol. 10587). Springer.
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  26. 2016
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    Wohlgemuth, G., Mehta, S. S., Mejia, R. F., Neumann, S., Pedrosa, D., Pluskal, T., ... Fiehn, O. (2016). SPLASH, a hashed identifier for mass spectra. Nature Biotechnology, 34(11), 1099-1101.
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    Willighagen, E., Tsiliki, G., Kohonen, P., Nymark, P., Chang, J., Owen, G., ... Sarimveis, H. (2016). eNanoMapper Updates and its Collaborations with the Community #2. NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter, Spring 2016(7), 20-25.
  32. 2015
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    Mietchen, D., Hagedorn, G., Willighagen, E., Rico, M., Gómez-Pérez, A., Aibar, E., ... Kinzler, D. (2015). Enabling open science: Wikidata for research (Wiki4R). Research Ideas and Outcomes, 1, [e7573].
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    Jeliazkova, N., Chomenidis, C., Doganis, P., Fadeel, B., Grafstrom, R., Hardy, B., ... Willighagen, E. (2015). The eNanoMapper database for nanomaterial safety information. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 6, 1609-1634.
  44. Published
    Tsiliki, G., Munteanu, C., Seoane, J., Fernandez-Lozano, C., Sarimveis, H., & Willighagen, E. (2015). Using the RRegrs r package for automating predictive modelling. In Proceedings of MOL2NET [F009]
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  46. 2014
  47. Published
    Batchelor, C., Brenninkmeijer, C. A., Chichester, C., Davies, M., Digles, D., Dunlop, I., ... Willighagen, E. (2014). Scientific Lenses to Support Multiple Views over Linked Chemistry Data. In P. Mika, T. Tudorache, A. Bernstein, C. Welty, C. Knoblock, D. Vrandečić, P. Groth, N. Noy, K. Janowicz, ... C. Goble (Eds.), The Semantic Web - ISWC 2014 (pp. 98-113). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Italy: Springer.
  48. Published
    Jeliazkova, N., Doganis, P., Fadeel, B., Grafström, R., Hastings, J., Jeliazkov, V., ... Willighagen, E. L. (2014). The first eNanoMapper prototype: A substance database to support safe-by-design. In Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM), 2014 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 1-9). Bart Smeets, Georgia Tsiliki, David Vorgrimmler.
  49. Published
    Hastings, J., Willighagen, E., Owen, G., Jeliazkova, N., & Steinbeck, C. (2014). eNanoMapper: Opportunities and challenges in using ontologies to enable data integration for nanomaterial risk assessment. In Proceedings of the 17th Annual Bio-Ontologies Meeting (pp. 18-21)
  50. Published
    Mustad, A. P., Smeets, B., Jeliazkova, N., Jeliazkov, V., & Willighagen, E. (2014). Summary of the Spring 2014 NSC Database Survey, figshare. Creative Commons SABY 4.0.
  51. 2013
  52. Published
    Fu, G., Batchelor, C., Dumontier, M., Hastings, J., Kuecuek, H., Schurer, S. C., ... Bolton, E. (2013). Semantic annotation of PubChem databases.
  53. Published
    Willighagen, E. L., Waagmeester, A. S., Spjuth, O., Ansell, P., Williams, A. J., Tkachenko, V., ... Wild, D. J. (2013). The ChEMBL database as linked open data. Journal of Cheminformatics, 5(1), [23].
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  56. Published
    Willighagen, E. L. (Author). (2013). ChemPedia as RDF. Data set/Database,
  57. Published
    Goble, C., Gray, A. J. G., Harland, L., Karapetyan, K., Loizou, A., Mikhailov, I., ... Willighagen, E. (2013). Incorporating commercial and private data into an open linked data platform for drug discovery. (Lecture notes in computer science: Information systems and applications, incl. internet/web and HCI; No. 8218). Sydney: NSW.
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