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    Rienties, B. C., Kaper, W., Struyven, K., Tempelaar, D. T., van Gastel, L., Vrancken, S., ... Virgailaite-Meckauskaite, E. (2012). A review of the role of ICT and course design in transitional education practices. Interactive LearnIng Environments, 20(6), 563-581.
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    van der Kooij, H., Heck, A., van de Vrie, E., van Gastel, L., Tempelaar, D. T., & Cuypers, H. (2011). Aansluitproblemen VO-WO. Nieuw archief voor Wiskunde, 5/12(4), 1-6.
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    Tempelaar, D., & Verhoeven, P. (2016). Adaptive and maladaptive emotions, behaviours and cognitions in the transition to university: The experience of international full degree students. In D. Jindal-Snape, & B. Rienties (Eds.), Multi-dimensional transitions of international students to higher education (pp. 334-358). [12] (New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction). Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.
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    Rienties, B. C., Tempelaar, D. T., Giesbers, S. J. H., Segers, M. S. R., & Gijselaers, W. H. (2010). An invisible preference for intrinsic motivation in Computer-Mediated communication. In K. Gomez, L. Lyons, & J. Radinsky (Eds.), Learning in the disciplines: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (pp. 25-32). Chicago, IL: ICLS 2010.
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