Fromage, D.B.

Assistant Professor

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    Fromage, D., & Ibrido, R. (2019). Accountability and Democratic Oversight in the European Banking Union. In G. Lo Schiavo (Ed.), The European Banking Union and the Role of Law (pp. 66-86). (Elgar Financial Law). Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  23. Published
    Fromage, D. (2017). Creation and Reform of Independent Fiscal Institutions in EU Member States: Incomplete and Insufficient Work in Progress? In T. Beukers, B. de Witte, & C. Kilpatrick (Eds.), Constitutional Change through Euro-Crisis Law (pp. 108-142). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  24. Published
    Fromage, D. (2017). Déficit excessif et Institutions budgétaires indépendantes: Quelles relations et quelles conséquences pour les États membres et la Commission européenne ? In C. Haguenau-Moizard, & C. Mestre (Eds.), La démocratie dans l'Union Européenne (pp. 189-211). (Droit de l'Union européenne; Vol. 39). Bruxelles: Bruylant.
  25. Published
    Fromage, D. (2017). Executive accountability to national parliaments in post-crisis EU affairs: The persistent shortcomings in the Councial and the European Council oversight. In D. Jancic (Ed.), National parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty and the Euro crisis: Resilience or resignation? (pp. 159-175). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  26. Published
    Fromage, D., & Fasone, C. (2017). Fiscal Councils: Threat or Opportunity for Democracy in the Post-Crisis Economic and Monetary Union? In L. Daniele, P. Simone, & R. Cisotta (Eds.), Democracy in the EMU in the Aftermath of the Crisis (pp. 161-178). Heidelberg: Springer.
  27. Published
    Fromage, D. (2019). The European Parliament in inter-parliamentary cooperation and diplomacy. In K. Raube, M. Müftüler-Baç, & J. Wouters (Eds.), Parliamentary Cooperation and Diplomacy in EU External Relations An Essential Companion (pp. 174-187). (Leuven Global Governance Series). Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.
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    Fromage, D., & van den Brink, A. (Eds.) (2019). Parliaments in EU Economic Governance: Powers, Potential and Practice. London: Routlegde.
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    Fromage, D. (2018). A parliamentary assembly for the Eurozone? (ADEMU Working paper series).
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