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  1. 2018
  2. Published
    Erlichman, C. (2018). Provincialising the Allied Occupation of Germany: Comparative Reflections on a European History of Occupation and Liberation in the 1940s. Paper presented at Towards a European History of the 1940s: Re-examining Occupation and Liberation in Western Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  3. Erlichman, C., & Knowles, C. (2018). Introduction: Reframing Occupation as a System of Rule. In C. Erlichman, & C. Knowles (Eds.), Transforming Occupation in the Western Zones of Germany: Politics, Everyday Life and Social Interactions, 1945-55 (pp. 3-24). London: Bloomsbury Academic.
  4. Published
    Erlichman, C. (2018). In Search of Social Justice in 20th-Century Europe. Paper presented at Social Justice in 20th-Century Europe: An Interdisciplinary Workshop, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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