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  1. 2018
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  4. 2017
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    Blom, B., van Leeuwen, N., Xie, M., Adamaki, V., Bowen, C. R., de Araujo, M. A., ... Marken, F. (2017). Residual Energy Harvesting from Light Transients Using Hematite as an Intrinsic Photocapacitor in a Symmetrical Cell. ACS Applied Energy Matierials, 1(1), 38-42.
  6. Published
    Blom, B., Schmidt, M., Driess, M., & Schomaecker, R. (2017). IPC No. PCT Int. Appl. (2017), WO 2017178536 A1 20171019. . Catalyst to the hydroformylation of olefins, comprising amidinato-​silylene ligands and its use
  7. Published
    Renier, O., Deacon-Price, C., Peters, J. E. B., Nurekeyeva, K., Russon, C., Dyson, S., ... Blom, B. (2017). Synthesis and In Vitro (Anticancer) Evaluation of eta(6)-Arene Ruthenium Complexes Bearing Stannyl Ligands. Inorganics, 5(3), [44]. DOI: 10.3390/inorganics5030044
  8. Published
    Blom, B., Deacon-Price, C., berg, C., Chari, S., Jurgaityte, K., Nadoly, M., & Pope, F. (2017). Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Ruthenium Arene Complexes bearing Trichlorostannyl and Trichlorogermyl Groups as Potential Anti-Cancer Agents. Poster session presented at 4th Euchems Inorganic Chemistry Conference (EICC-4), Copenhagen, .
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  10. 2015
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    Hansen, K., Szilvasi, T., Blom, B., & Driess, M. (2015). A Persistent 1,2-Dihydrophosphasilene Adduct. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 54(50), 15060-15063. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201508149