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  1. 2018
  2. Published
  3. Published
    Kuijper, P. J., Amtenbrink, F., Curtin, D. M., de Witte, B., McDonnell, A., & van den Bogaert, S. C. G. (Eds.) (2018). The Law of the European Union. (5 ed.) Deventer: Wolters Kluwer.
  4. 2017
  5. Published
  6. Published
    Beukers, T. W. B., de Witte, B., & Kilpatrick, C. (Eds.) (2017). Constitutional change through Euro-crisis law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  7. Published
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  8. Published
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  9. Published
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  10. Published
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  11. 2016
  12. Published
    de Witte, B., Mayoral, J. A., Jaremba, U., Wind, M., & Podstawa, K. (2016). National courts and EU law: New issues, theories and methods. (Judicial review and cooperation). Cheltenham/Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  13. Published
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  14. Published
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  15. 2015
  16. Published
  17. Published
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  18. Published
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  19. Published
  20. Published
    de Witte, B., & Dawson, M. (2015). Welfare policy and social inclusion. In A. Arnull, & D. Chalmers (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of European Union law (pp. 964-990). (Oxford Handbooks in Law). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  21. 2014
  22. Published
  23. Published
    de Witte, B. (2014). A selfish court? The Court of Justice and the design of international dispute settlement beyond the European Union. In M. Cremona, & A. Thies (Eds.), The European Court of Justice and external relations law: constitutional challenges (pp. 33-46). (Modern Studies in European Law). Oxford: Hart.
  24. Published
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  25. Published
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  26. Published
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  27. Published
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  28. Published
    de Witte, B. (2014). Linguistic minorities in Western Europe: expansion of rights without (much) litigation. In D. Anagnostou (Ed.), Rights and courts in pursuit of social change: legal mobilisation in the multi-level European system (pp. 27-52). Oxford: Hart Publishing.
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  31. 2013
  32. Published
    Dawson, M., Muir, E., & de Witte, B. (2013). Editorial: The European Court of Justice has a political actor. In M. Dawson, E. Muir, & B. Witte (Eds.), Judicial activism at the European Court of Justice (pp. 1-10). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.
  33. Published
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  34. Published
  35. Published
  36. Published
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  37. Published
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  38. Published
  39. Published
    de Witte, B. (2013). The elusive unity of the EU legal order after Maastricht. In M. D. Visser, & A. P. V. D. Mei (Eds.), The Treaty on European Union 1993-2013: Reflections from Maastricht (pp. 53-76). (Ius Commune Europaeum; No. 123). Antwerp: Intersentia.
  40. Published
    de Witte, B., Héritier, A., & Trechsel, A. (2013). The Euro crisis and the state of European democracy. Florence: European University Institute (e-book).
  41. Published
    de Witte, B. (2013). The impact of 'Van Gend en Loos' on judicial protection at European and national level: three types of preliminary questions. In A. Tizzano, J. Kokott, & S. Prechal (Eds.), 50th Anniversary of the judgment in Van Gend en Loos 1963-2013 (pp. 93-101). Luxembourg: Office des publications de l'Union européenne.
  42. Published
  43. Published
    de Witte, B., & Thies, A. (2013). Why choose Europe? The place of the European Union in the architecture of international legal cooperation. In B. Van Vooren, S. Blockmans, J. Wouters, & J. V. Vooren (Eds.), The EU's Role in Global Governance - The Legal Dimension (pp. 23-38). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  44. 2012
  45. Published
    de Witte, B. (2012). A competence to protect: the pursuit of non-market aims through internal market legislation. In P. Syrpis (Ed.), The judiciary, the legislator and the internal market (pp. 25-46). Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.
  46. Published
    de Witte, B. (2012). Democratic adjudication in Europe. How can the European Court of Justice be responsive to the citizens? In M. Dougan, N. Shuibhne, & E. Spaventa (Eds.), Empowerment and disempowerment of the European citizen (pp. 129-144). Oxford: Hart Publishing.
  47. Published
  48. Published
    Dawson, M., & de Witte, B. (2012). The EU legal framework of social inclusion and social protection: between the Lisbon Treaty and the Lisbon strategy. In B. Cantillon, H. Verschueren, & P. Ploscar (Eds.), Social inclusion and social protection: interactions between policy and law (pp. 41-70). (Law & Cosmopolitan Values; No. 2). Antwerp: Intersentia.
  49. Published
    Micklitz, H-W., & de Witte, B. (2012). The European Court of Justice and the autonomy of the member states. Antwerp/Cambridge: Intersentia.
  50. Published
    Claes, M., & de Witte, B. (2012). The role of national constitutional courts in the European legal space. In P. Popelier, A. Mazmanyan, & W. Vandenbruwaene (Eds.), The role of courts in a context of multi-level governance (pp. 79-104). (Law & Cosmopolitan Values; No. 3). Antwerp: Intersentia.
  51. Published
    de Witte, B. (2012). Treaty revision procedures after Lisbon. In A. Biondi, P. Eeckhout, & S. Ripley (Eds.), EU law after Lisbon (pp. 107-127). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  52. 2011
  53. Published
    de Witte, B. (2011). Changing the Rules of Change - European Treaty Revisions after the Lisbon Treaty. In J. H. Reestman, & E. al. (Eds.), De regels en het spel. Opstellen over recht, filosofie, literatuur en geschiedenis aangeboden aan Tom Eijsbouts (pp. 443-454). Den Haag: T.M.C. Asser Press.
  54. Published
    de Witte, B. (2011). Direct effect, primacy, and the nature of the legal order. In P. Craig, & G. D. Búrca (Eds.), The evolution of EU law (pp. 323-362). (2nd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  55. Published
    de Witte, B. (2011). European Union law: a common core or a fragmented academic discipline? In Educating European lawyers (pp. 19-41). (Ius Commune Europaeum; No. 98). Antwerp: Intersentia.
  56. Published
  57. Published
    de Witte, B. (2011). Language rights: the interaction between domestic and European developments. In A. L. Kjaer, & S. Adamo (Eds.), Linguistic diversity and European democracy (pp. 167-188). Farnham: Ashgate.
  58. Published
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