Elissen, A.M.J.

Assistant Professor

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    Vrijhoef, B., & Elissen, A. (2014). Developing appropriate and effective care for people with chronic disease. In S. Harper, & K. Hamblin (Eds.), International Handbook On Ageing And Public Policy Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.
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    Elissen, A. M. J., Struijs, J. N., Baan, C. A., & Ruwaard, D. (2014). Kenmerken van individuen als voorspellers van zorgvraagzwaarte op populatieniveau: een verkennend onderzoek. Maastricht: Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, School for Public health and Primary care, Department of Health Services Research.
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    Knai, C., Nolte, E., Brunn, M., Elissen, A., Conklin, A., Pedersen, J. P., ... Soennichsen, A. (2013). Reported barriers to evaluation in chronic care: Experiences in six European countries. Health Policy, 110(2-3), 220-228.
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    Elissen, A. M. J., Duimel-Peeters, I. G. P., Spreeuwenberg, C., Vrijhoef, H. J. M., & Nolte, E. (2015). The Netherlands. In E. Nolte, & C. Knai (Eds.), Assessing chronic disease management in European health systems: Country reports (pp. 99-109). (Observatory Studies Series; No. 39). United Kingdom: WHO Regional Office for Europe.
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