Quintela Ribeiro Neves Ramalho, A.B.

Assistant Professor

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  1. 2018
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  4. 2017
  5. Published
    Quintela Ribeiro Neves Ramalho, A. (2017). Data Producer's Right: Power, Perils & Pitfalls. 51-58. Paper presented at Better Regulation for Copyright, Brussels, Belgium.
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  10. 2016
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  15. Published
    Quintela Ribeiro Neves Ramalho, A. (2016). Copyright restoration and the preservation of cultural heritage. Abstract from Ius Commune Conference 2016, Maastricht, Netherlands.
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  17. 2015
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  22. Published
    Quintela Ribeiro Neves Ramalho, A. B. (2015). Study on the construction of normative content for EU copyright law. In D. Moura Vicente (Ed.), Estudos de Direito Intelectual em homenagem ao Prof. Doutor José de Oliveira Ascensão. 50 anos de vida universitária (pp. 95-114). Lisbon: Almedina.
  23. Published
    Reynolds, S., Bolognini, A., Hausemer, P., Luchetta, G., Mazziotti, G., Markowska, A., ... Spaghetti, V. (2015). The legal aspects of copyright - The added value and options for further harmonization and efficiency of the EU Copyright regime, including the projected impact on other policy areas. Brussels: European Parliamentary Research Service. DOI: 10.2861/872636