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    Leentjens, A. F. G., van Baalen, A., Kuijpers, H. J. H., Lambooij, S. L. E., Schubart, C. D., Sno, H. N., ... Moret-Hartman, M. (2018). The revised guideline on consultation-liaison psychiatry of the Netherlands Psychiatric Association. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 110, 12-14.
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  11. 2017
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    Lopes, R., Delmaire, C., Defebvre, L., Moonen, A. J., Duits, A. A., Hofman, P., ... Dujardin, K. (2017). Cognitive Phenotypes in Parkinson's Disease Differ in Terms of Brain-Network Organization and Connectivity. Human Brain Mapping, 38(3), 1604-1621.
  18. Published
    Koster, M. A., Steenmeijer, J., Schieveld, J. N., Leentjens, A. F. G., Slooter, A. J. C., & de Witte, L. D. (2017). Delier. In J. J. Luykx, M. Morel-Hartman, W. M. Tempelaar, J. K. Tijdink, C. H. Vinkers, & L. D. de Witte (Eds.), Acute Psychiatrie (pp. 75-83). Van Zuiden Communications B.V..
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    Hassan, M., Chaton, L., Benquet, P., Delval, A., Leroy, C., Plomhause, L., ... Dujardin, K. (2017). Functional connectivity disruptions correlate with cognitive phenotypes in Parkinson's disease. NeuroImage: Clinical, 14, 591-601.
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  23. 2016
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    Martinez-Martin, P., Leentjens, A. F. G., de Pedro-Cuesta, J., Chaudhuri, K. R., Schrag, A. E., & Weintraub, D. (2016). Accuracy of screening instruments for detection of neuropsychiatric syndromes in Parkinson's disease. Movement Disorders, 31(3), 270-279.
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    Leentjens, A., Horstkötter, D., & de Wert, G. (2016). Ethische overwegingen bij behandeling met diepe herstenstimulatie. In Y. Temel, A. F. G. Leentjens, & R. M. A. de Bie (Eds.), Handboek diepe hersenstimulatie bij neurologische en psychiatrische aandoeningen (pp. 67-75). Bohn Stafleu van Loghum.
  35. 2015
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    Joao Forjaz, M., Ayala, A., Martinez-Martin, P., Dujardin, K., Pontone, G. M., Starkstein, S. E., ... Leentjens, A. F. G. (2015). Is the Parkinson Anxiety Scale Comparable Across Raters? Movement Disorders, 30(4), 545-551.
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  43. 2014
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    Leentjens, A. F. G., Molag, M. L., Van Munster, B. C., De Rooij, S. E., Luijendijk, H. J., Vochteloo, A. J. H., & Dautzenberg, P. L. J. (2014). Changing perspectives on delirium care: The new Dutch guideline on delirium. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 77(3), 240-241.
  46. Published
    Leentjens, A. F. G., Dujardin, K., Pontone, G. M., Starkstein, S. E., Weintraub, D., & Martinez-Martin, P. (2014). The Parkinson Anxiety Scale (PAS): Development and Validation of a New Anxiety Scale. Movement Disorders, 29(8), 1035-1043.
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  50. 2013
  51. Published
    Elble, R., Bain, P., Forjaz, M. J., Haubenberger, D., Testa, C., Goetz, C. G., ... Schrag, A. (2013). Task Force Report: Scales for Screening and Evaluating Tremor Critique and Recommendations. Movement Disorders, 28(13), 1793-1800.
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    Leentjens, A. F. G., Moonen, A. J. H., Dujardin, K., Marsh, L., Martinez-Martin, P., Richard, I. H., ... Kohler, S. (2013). Modeling depression in Parkinson disease Disease-specific and nonspecific risk factors. Neurology, 81(12), 1036-1043.
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  55. Published
    Albanese, A., Del Sorbo, F., Comella, C., Jinnah, H. A., Mink, J. W., Post, B., ... Schrag, A. (2013). Dystonia rating scales: Critique and recommendations. Movement Disorders, 28(7), 874-883.
  56. Published
    Joao Forjaz, M., Martinez-Martin, P., Dujardin, K., Marsh, L., Richard, I. H., Starkstein, S. E., & Leentjens, A. F. G. (2013). Rasch analysis of anxiety scales in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 74(5), 414-419.
  57. Published
    Dujardin, K., Leentjens, A. F. G., Langlois, C., Moonen, A. J. H., Duits, A. A., Carette, A-S., & Duhamel, A. (2013). The spectrum of cognitive disorders in Parkinson's disease: A data-driven approach. Movement Disorders, 28(2), 183-189.
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