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  1. 2019
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  4. 2018
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    MEGASTROKE Consortium, Franceschini, N., Giambartolomei, C., de Vries, P. S., Finan, C., Bis, J. C., ... Beutner, F. (2018). GWAS and colocalization analyses implicate carotid intima-media thickness and carotid plaque loci in cardiovascular outcomes. Nature Communications, 9, [5141].
  6. Published
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  7. Published
    Prins, B. P., Mead, T. J., Brody, J. A., Sveinbjornsson, G., Ntalla, I., Bihlmeyer, N. A., ... Jamshidi, Y. (2018). Exome-chip meta-analysis identifies novel loci associated with cardiac conduction, including ADAMTS6. Genome Biology, 19, [87].
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  12. 2017
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  15. Published
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  19. Published
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  20. Published
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  21. 2016
  22. Published
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  23. Published
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    Iotchkova, V., Huang, J., Morris, J. A., Jain, D., Barbieri, C., Walter, K., ... Soranzo, N. (2016). Discovery and refinement of genetic loci associated with cardiometabolic risk using dense imputation maps. Nature Genetics, 48(11), 1303-1312.
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  28. Published
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  29. Published
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  30. Published
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  37. Published
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  38. 2015
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  40. 2012
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    Yang, J., Loos, R. J. F., Powell, J. E., Medland, S. E., Speliotes, E. K., Chasman, D. I., ... Visscher, P. M. (2012). FTO genotype is associated with phenotypic variability of body mass index. Nature, 490(7419), 267-+.