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  1. 2019
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    Fouarge, D. (2019). Correcting erronous beliefs about job opportunities and wages: A field experiment on education choices. Paper presented at Workshop 'Improving quality and returns to education', Leuven, Belgium.
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    Gerards, R. (2019). Do new ways of working increase informal learning?. Paper presented at 11th International conference of the Dutch HRM Network, Tilburg, Netherlands.
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    Gerards, R. (2019). New ways of working and intrapreneurship: the mediating role of transformational leadership and social interaction.. Paper presented at 11th International conference of the Dutch HRM Network, Tilburg, Netherlands.
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    Li, H., Mergel, O., Jain, P., Li, X., Peng, H., Rahimi, K., ... Pich, A. (2019). Electroactive and degradable supramolecular microgels. Soft Matter, 15(42), 8589-8602.
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    Claessen, J. (2019). Een korte geschiedenis van herstelrecht en mediation in strafzaken. In T. van Mazijk, & M. Uitslag (Eds.), Handboek mediation in strafzaken: Handleiding voor de strafmediationpraktijk (pp. 15-26). Utrecht: Hogeschool Utrecht.
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    Chalabi, J. (2019). Banking Beyond Bucks. Maastricht: Maastricht University.
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    van der Velden, R. (2019). De toekomst van vakmanschap. Paper presented at Jubileumconferentie van VBO/NSV: 25 jaar VBO: Beleidsonderzoek met impact!, Utrecht, Netherlands.
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    Fouarge, D. (2019). The role of unanticipated labour market conditions in graduates' regret of study choice. Paper presented at 2nd BIBB Conference on the Economics of Vocational Education and Training, Siegberg, Germany.
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    Evers, T. M. J., Hochane, M., Tans, S. J., Heeren, R. M. A., Semrau, S., Nemes, P., & Mashaghi, A. (2019). Deciphering Metabolic Heterogeneity by Single-Cell Analysis. Analytical Chemistry, 91(21), 13314-13323.
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    van Wetten, S. (2019). Recruitment and selection of intrapreneurial talent. Paper presented at Final Conference NWO consortium Intrapreneurship, Utrecht, Netherlands.
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    Razum, O., Barros, H., Buckingham, R., Codd, M., Czabanowska, K., Kuenzli, N., ... Middleton, J. (2019). Is war a man-made public health problem? Lancet, 394(10209), 1613-1613.