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    MR CLEAN Registry Investigators, Jansen, I. G. H., Mulder, M. J. H. L., Goldhoorn, R-J. B., Boers, A. M. M., van Es, A. C. G. M., ... Groot, P. F. C. (2019). Impact of single phase CT angiography collateral status on functional outcome over time: results from the MR CLEAN Registry. Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery, 11(9), 866-873.
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    Heart-Brain Connection Consortium, Oudeman, E. A., Greving, J. P., Hooghiemstra, A. M., Brunner-La Rocca, H-P., Biessels, G. J., ... Bots, M. L. (2019). Nonfocal transient neurological attacks are related to cognitive impairment in patients with heart failure. Journal of Neurology, 266(8), 2035-2042.
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    MR CLEAN Registry Investigators, van de Graaf, R. A., Chalos, V., van Es, A. C. G. M., Emmer, B. J., Nijeholt, G. J. L. A., ... Groot, P. (2019). Periprocedural Intravenous Heparin During Endovascular Treatment for Ischemic Stroke: Results From the MR CLEAN Registry. Stroke, 50(8), 2147-2155.
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    Bloem, B. R., Marks, W. J., Silva de Lima, A. L., Kuijf, M. L., van Laar, T., Jacobs, B. P. F., ... Meinders, M. J. (2019). The Personalized Parkinson Project: examining disease progression through broad biomarkers in early Parkinson's disease. BMC Neurology, 19, [160].
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    MR CLEAN Registry Investigators, Chalos, V., LeCouffe, N. E., Uyttenboogaart, M., Lingsma, H. F., Mulder, M. J. H. L., ... Groot, P. F. C. (2019). Endovascular Treatment With or Without Prior Intravenous Alteplase for Acute Ischemic Stroke. Journal of the American Heart Association, 8(11), [011592].
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    Med Microbiological Labs Public Hl, Woestenberg, P. J., Bogaards, J. A., King, A. J., Leussink, S., van der Sande, M. A. B., ... van Rooijen, M. (2019). Assessment of herd effects among women and heterosexual men after girls-only HPV16/18 vaccination in the Netherlands: A repeated cross-sectional study. International Journal of Cancer, 144(11), 2718-2727.
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    Thrippleton, M. J., Backes, W. H., Sourbron, S., Ingrisch, M., van Osch, M. J. P., Dichgans, M., ... Wardlaw, J. M. (2019). Quantifying blood-brain barrier leakage in small vessel disease: Review and consensus recommendations. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 15(6), 840-858.
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    McGrory, S., Ballerini, L., Doubal, F. N., Staals, J., Allerhand, M., Valdes-Hernandez, M. D. C., ... Wardlaw, J. M. (2019). Retinal microvasculature and cerebral small vessel disease in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 and Mild Stroke Study. Scientific Reports, 9, [6320].
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    European Huntington Dis Network, Quarrell, O. W. J., Nance, M. A., Nopoulos, P., Reilmann, R., Oosterloo, M., ... Burgunder, J-M. (2019). Defining pediatric huntington disease: Time to abandon the term Juvenile Huntington Disease? Movement Disorders, 34(4), 584-585.
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    MR CLEAN Registry Investigators, Venema, E., Groot, A. E., Lingsma, H. F., Hinsenveld, W., Treurniet, K. M., ... Roozenbeek, B. (2019). Effect of Interhospital Transfer on Endovascular Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke. Stroke, 50(4), 923-930.
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    MR CLEAN Registry Investigators, Compagne, K. C. J., van der Sluijs, P. M., van den Wijngaard, I. R., Roozenbeek, B., Mulder, M. J. H. L., ... Groot, P. F. C. (2019). Endovascular Treatment: The Role of Dominant Caliber M2 Segment Occlusion in Ischemic Stroke. Stroke, 50(2), 419-427.
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    MR CLEAN Investigators, Compagne, K. C. J., Boers, A. M. M., Marquering, H. A., Berkhemer, O. A., Yoo, A. J., ... Lingsma, H. (2019). Follow-up infarct volume as a mediator of endovascular treatment effect on functional outcome in ischaemic stroke. European Radiology, 29(2), 736-744.
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    Boers, A. M. M., Jansen, I. G. H., Brown, S., Lingsma, H. F., Beenen, L. F. M., Devlin, T. G., ... Majoie, C. B. L. M. (2019). Mediation of the Relationship Between Endovascular Therapy and Functional Outcome by Follow-up Infarct Volume in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke. JAMA Neurology, 76(2), 194-202.
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