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    Schneider, H., & Kortese, L. (2019). Roadmap and factsheet for the recognition of qualifications for highly demanded professions: Step 3: Approach and Findings. (B-solutions project). Maastricht: Institute for Transnational and Euregional cross border cooperation and mobility.
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    Nguyen, H-T. (2019). Divided democracy through unequal representation? In A. W. Heringa, & J. Schinkelshoeg (Eds.), Europa, Europa: Op weg naar de Europese verkiezing van mei 2019 (pp. 67-76). (Montesquieu Reeks; Vol. 112). Den Haag: Boom Juridisch.
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    Coomans, F., Dietvorst, R., ten Hoopen, R., & Klosse, S. (2019). Recht op gezondheid van het kind. In M. Jansen, K. Burhenne, M. Willebroordse, & O. van Schayck (Eds.), De gezonde basisschool van de toekomst. Van leer- naar leefschool (pp. 55-60). Maastricht: Provincie Limburg.
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    Carrera, S., Vosyliute, L., Vankova, Z., Laurentsyeva, N., Fernandes, M., Dennison, J., & Guerin, J. (2019). Annex I - Reserach paper: The Cost of Non-Europe in the Area of Legal Migration: at the request of the European Added Value Unit of the Directorate for Impact Assessment and European Added Value within the Directorate General for Parliamentary Research Services. In The Cost of Non-Europe in the Area of Legal Migration (Vol. PE 631.736, pp. i-xxvii & 1-170 ). Brussels: European Union. https://doi.org/10.2861/06521
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    Jansen, O. J. D. M. L. (2019). Internationaal bestuursrecht weer voor het voetlicht. In W. den Ouden, T. Barkhuysen, B. Marseille, R. Schlössels, & H. Peters (Eds.), 25 jaar Awb: In eenheid en verscheidenheid (pp. 425-439). Deventer: Wolters Kluwer.
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