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  1. 2019
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    Doorman, M., & Kamstra, S. (Ed.) (2019). Foreword. In A Building That Radiates Art. (pp. 25-29). Amsterdam UMC.
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    de Jong, J., van Helden, S., Schoonbrood, W., & Penders, V. (2019). Toon je effect. Onderzoek naar de effecten van Toon je talent 2019.
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    Brunotte, U. (2019). Seeing, hearing and narrating Salome: Modern sensual aesthetics and the role of narrative blanks. In B. Meyer, & T. Stordalen (Eds.), Figurations and Sensations of the Unseen in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Contested Desires (First ed., pp. 245-259). (Bloomsbury Studies in Material Religion; Vol. 3). London: Bloomsbury Academic.
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    Brunotte, U. (2019). Between victim and perpetrator: Constructions of heroic masculinity and the religion of death. In M. Pally (Ed.), Mimesis and Sacrifice: Applying Girard's Mimesis Theory Across Disciplines (1 ed., Vol. 9, pp. 147-160). (Violence,Desire, and the Sacred; No. 9). London: Bloomsbury Academic.
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    Swinnen, A., & Laceulle, H. (2019). 'One must take it as it comes': A virtue-ethical approach to the exemplary life practices of centenarians. In N. Casado-Gual, E. Domínguez-Rué, & M. Oró-Piqueras (Eds.), Re-discovering Age(ing) : Narratives of Mentorship (pp. 125). (Aging Studies; Vol. 16). Bielefeld: Transcript.
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    Bal, J., Franco, A., Honné, H., van Oosten, E., & Swinnen, A. (2019). The Art of Resilience: Professional Artists’ Experiences of Continuing Creative Practices in Place. Maastricht: Jan van Eyck Akademie.
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  30. 2018
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    Brunotte, U. (2018). "The Jewes did Indianize, the Indians doe Judaize": Philosemitismus und Antijudaismus als Medien kolonialen Transfers im Neuengland des 17. Jahrhunderts. In C. Bruns, & M. Hampf (Eds.), Wissen-Transfer-Differenz: transnationale und interdiskursive Verpflechtungen von Rassismus ab 1700 (pp. 223-249). Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag.
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    Hendriks, R., Kamphof, I., & Swierstra, T. (2018). Make-Believe Matters/In Sachen Illusionen: Between ethical questions and self-evident assumptions/Zwischen Ethischen Fragestellungen und Selbstverständlichen Annahmen. In A. Kuckert-Wöstheinrich (Ed.), Ethik, Design, Dement - eine multidisziplinäre Annäherung (pp. 16-43). Neuss: St. Augustinus Memory Zentrum.
  38. Published
    Meissner, M., & Lindner, C. (2018). Introduction: Urban Imaginaries in Theory and Practice. In C. Lindner, & M. Meissner (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Urban Imaginaries (pp. 1-22). Routledge.
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    Meissner, M., & Lindner, C. (Eds.) (2018). The Routledge Companion to Urban Imaginaries. Routledge.
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    Gabriels, R., Koenis, J., & Swierstra, T. (Eds.) (2018). Het hart op de tong: Emoties in de politiek. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
  43. Published
    Koenis, J. (2018). Over emoties en de politiek van statusverschil. In R. Gabriels, S. Koenis, & T. Swierstra (Eds.), Het hart op de tong; emoties in de politiek (pp. 237-255). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
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    Doorman, M., & Pott, H. (2018). Filosofen van deze tijd: 14e geheel herziene druk. (14 ed.) Amsterdam: Prometheus.
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    Cornips, L. (Author). (2018). Kind moet over op het "plat". Web publication/site, Neerlandistiek.
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