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This website compiles Maastricht University research output for both academic and public access. It offers not only scientific and professional publications, but also talks, activities, and press content related to UM research.

Research does not stop at the university gates: our research community works in multidisciplinary teams and in close cooperation with international institutes, business, and industry, striving daily to find ways our research output can benefit society.

Faculties contributing to Research Publications include:

  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Health, Medicine and Life Sciences*
  • Humanities and Sciences
  • Law
  • Psychology and Neuroscience
  • School of Business and Economics

*Over the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017, the vast research collection of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences will be gradually added, starting with the most recent output.

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Latest research outputs

  1. Contemporary Organized Crime.: Developments, Challenges and Responses.

    Research output: Other research outputBook editing

  2. Introduction

    Research output: ScientificChapter

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Latest talks & activities

  1. The Politics of Health and Citizenship: From Hobbes to Neo-Liberalism.

    Activity: Audience scientificTalk or presentation

  2. Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory

    Activity: Audience scientificTalk or presentation

  3. 24th Council of European Studies Conference

    Activity: Audience scientificTalk or presentation

  4. Can training vouchers become the drivers of lifelong learning?

    Activity: Audience scientificTalk or presentation

  5. ALP and Beyond: Do State Aid Rules Require Member States to Fight Tax Avoidance

    Activity: Audience professionalTalk or presentation

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