Workshop Report from June 8, 2017 at University of Bristol, Life Sciences Building, Tyndall Avenue, UK BS8 1TQ Report of the Synthetic Biology, Politics, and Philosophy Workshop

Darian Meacham, Molly Bond, Michael Reinsborough

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This report summarises the outputs of a workshop that took place at the University of Bristol, UK, in conjunction with the Social Science Research Group at the University of West England, Bristol and the BrisSynBio Synthetic Biology Research Centre on the 8th June 2017. This report has been adapted to inform the deliberations taking place on synthetic biology at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), and as such we focus primarily on presenting the morning sessions of the Bristol Workshop. In particular this report, and the conclusions drawn from it, responds to the call for information to be submitted in
document SCBD/SPS/DC/DA/MW/86375on “Research, cooperation and activities noted in the sub-paragraphs (a) through (c)” below, and taking into account “socio
-economic, cultural and ethical considerations” as stated in the preamble.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages40
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Synthetic Biology
  • Responsible research and innovation RRI
  • ELSI
  • Convention on Biodiversity
  • United Nations

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