Leukocytes require ADAM10 but not ADAM17 for their migration and inflammatory recruitment into the alveolar space

Jessica Pruessmeyer, Franz Martin Hess, Henriette Alert, Esther Groth, Tobias Pasqualon, Nicole Schwarz, Stella Nyamoya, Jos Kollert, Emiel van der Vorst, Marjo Donners, Christian Martin, Stefan Uhlig, Paul Saftig, Daniela Dreymueller*, Andreas Ludwig

*Corresponding author for this work

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Inflammation is a key process in various diseases, characterized by leukocyte recruitment to the inflammatory site. This study investigates the role of a disintegrin and a metalloproteinase (ADAM) 10 and ADAM17 for leukocyte migration in vitro and in a murine model of acute pulmonary inflammation. Inhibition experiments or RNA knockdown indicated that monocytic THP-1 cells and primary human neutrophils require ADAM10 but not ADAM17 for efficient chemokine-induced cell migration. Signaling and adhesion events that are linked to cell migration such as p38 and rho GTPase-family activation, F-actin polymerization, adhesion to fibronectin, and up-regulation of alpha(5) integrin were also dependent on ADAM10 but not ADAM17. This was confirmed with leukocytes isolated from mice lacking either ADAM10 or ADAM17 in all hematopoietic cells (vav 1 guanine nucleotide exchange factor [Vav]-Adam10(-/-)or Vav-Adam17(-/-) mice). In lipopolysaccharide-induced acute pulmonary inflammation, alveolar recruitment of neutrophils and monocytes was transiently increased in Vav-Adam17(-/-) but steadily reduced in Vav-Adam10(-/-) mice. This deficit in alveolar leukocyte recruitment was also observed in LysM-Adam10(-/-) mice lacking ADAM10 in myeloid cells and correlated with protection against edema formation. Thus, with regard to leukocyte migration, leukocyte-expressed ADAM10 but not ADAM17 displays proinflammatory activities and may therefore serve as a target to limit inflammatory cell recruitment.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4077-4088
Issue number26
Publication statusPublished - 26 Jun 2014

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